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Adopt a Storm Drain Campaign

Release Date: November 09, 2021
The WM Environmental Commission, in collaboration with the WM Department of Public Works, started the volunteer Adopt A Storm Drain program to encourage residents to keep the surface of storm drains near their residences clear of leaves, debris, and snow/ice.

West Milford Environmental Commission &

West Milford Department of Public Works


Adopt a Storm Drain Campaign


        West Milford has over 4,000 storm drains/catch basins across the Town

        Almost all of them feed into local streams and lakes

        Keeping them free of leaves, debris, and snow/ice is absolutely crucial

        Clear storm drains help to reduce road debris and sediments from settling

        into our lakes and streams



  • It’s simple: Volunteer to keep an eye on a storm drain near your home
  • Always mindful of traffic, clear leaves and debris from the surface of the drain when needed
  • In winter, remove snow and ice from the area around the drain
  • Never attempt to lift a storm grate or enter a catch basin
  • If a storm drain is backing up, notify the West Milford DPW at 973-728-2850
  • That’s it! No sign-up, no paperwork. Just another way of keeping West Milford beautiful
  • Tell your neighbors about the “Adopt a Storm Drain” program. Spread the word. It’s a town wide campaign for a cleaner environment.