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The Forms & Documents Center provides you on-line access to forms, guides, handouts, documents, and other various information sources used in your town's business. This information may be in a PDF printable format for printing only, or an interactive format that will accept online data entry, so that you may complete the form online and transmit it to the town for processing. In either instance, the forms are available immediately to you anywhere that you have access to the internet.

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Administration - Engineering View Archived
    Engineering Division F.E.M.A. Flood Maps
These flood maps were obtained electronically from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and are presented for informational purposes only. It is recommended that the appropriate professional be consulted for any regulatory determination. Additional information is available at www.FEMA.gov. The Township of West Milford offers no guarantees for the accuracy of the information shown on these maps.
          F.E.M.A. Flood Map Index
          Map Number 34031C0015F
          Map Number 34031C0016F
          Map Number 34031C0017F
          Map Number 34031C0018F
          Map Number 34031C0019F
          Map Number 34031C0028F
          Map Number 34031C0036F
          Map Number 34031C0037F
          Map Number 34031C0038F
          Map Number 34031C0039F
          Map Number 34031C0041F
          Map Number 34031C0042F
          Map Number 34031C0043F
          Map Number 34031C0084F
          Map Number 34031C0092F
          Map Number 34031C0105F
          Map Number 34031C0107F
          Map Number 34031C0110F
          Map Number 34031C0111F
          Map Number 34031C0112F
          Map Number 34031C0116F
          Map Number 34031C0117F
          Map Number 34031C0118F
          Map Number 34031C0119F
          Map Number 34031C0126F
          Map Number 34031C0127F
          Map Number 34031C0128F
          Map Number 34031C0129F
          Map Number 34031C0131F
          Map Number 34031C0136F
          Map Number 34031C0138F
    Engineering Division General Information
          Flood Zone Determination
Flood Zone Determination Information
          Minor Soil Permit
Minor Soil Permit Application
          Site Plan Tracker - Engineering
Track Engineering Division status of active Site Improvement Plan review
    Engineering Division Storm Water Outfall Maps
Under New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Storm Water Management rules, West Milford is required to maintain a Tier A Municipal Storm Water Permit. One of the permit requirements is for the Township to map all storm water outfall pipe locations within the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).
          Storm Water Outfall Key Map
          Sheet 1 of 10
          Sheet 2 of 10
          Sheet 3 of 10
          Sheet 4 of 10
          Sheet 5 of 10
          Sheet 6 of 10
          Sheet 7 of 10
          Sheet 8 of 10
          Sheet 9 of 10
          Sheet 10 of 10
    Engineering Divison Tax Maps
To locate a specific tax map, remove the last 2 digits of the block number and the remaining numbers equal the tax map sheet. If the block number is not known, refer to the General Key Map. Locate the region of town and refer to the specific key map for street level detail that will direct you to the correct tax map sheet. The West Milford Township tax map images, shown herein, were posted in August 2011. The original maps are revised on a continual basis. These images should be utilized for general information purposes only. If a current tax map is required for any contract or regulatory purpose copies map be obtained from the West Milford Township Engineering Division for $5.00 each.
          General Key Map
          Key Map 1
          Key Map 2
          Key Map 3
          Key Map 4
          Sheet 1
          Sheet 1.01
          Sheet 2
          Sheet 2.01
          Sheet 3
          Sheet 4
          Sheet 5
          Sheet 6
          Sheet 7
          Sheet 8
          Sheet 9
          Sheet 10
          Sheet 11
          Sheet 12
          Sheet 13
          Sheet 14
          Sheet 15
          Sheet 16
          Sheet 17
          Sheet 18
          Sheet 19
          Sheet 20
          Sheet 21
          Sheet 22
          Sheet 23
          Sheet 24
          Sheet 25
          Sheet 26
          Sheet 27
          Sheet 28
          Sheet 29
          Sheet 30
          Sheet 31
          Sheet 32
          Sheet 33
          Sheet 34
          Sheet 35
          Sheet 36
          Sheet 37
          Sheet 38
          Sheet 38.01
          Sheet 39
          Sheet 40
          Sheet 41
          Sheet 42
          Sheet 43
          Sheet 44
          Sheet 45
          Sheet 46
          Sheet 47
          Sheet 48
          Sheet 49
          Sheet 50
          Sheet 50.01
          Sheet 50.02
          Sheet 50.03
          Sheet 50.04
          Sheet 51
          Sheet 52
          Sheet 52.01
          Sheet 53
          Sheet 53.01
          Sheet 53.02
          Sheet 53.03
          Sheet 53.04
          Sheet 53.05
          Sheet 54
          Sheet 55
          Sheet 56
          Sheet 57
          Sheet 58
          Sheet 59
          Sheet 60
          Sheet 61
          Sheet 62
          Sheet 63
          Sheet 64
          Sheet 65
          Sheet 66
          Sheet 67
          Sheet 68
          Sheet 69
          Sheet 70
          Sheet 71
          Sheet 72
          Sheet 73
          Sheet 74
          Sheet 75
          Sheet 76
          Sheet 77
          Sheet 78
          Sheet 79
          Sheet 80
          Sheet 81
          Sheet 82
          Sheet 83
          Sheet 84
          Sheet 85
          Sheet 86
          Sheet 87
          Sheet 88
          Sheet 89
          Sheet 90
          Sheet 91
          Sheet 92
          Sheet 93
          Sheet 94
          Sheet 95
          Sheet 96
          Sheet 97
          Sheet 98
          Sheet 99
          Sheet 100
          Sheet 101
          Sheet 102
          Sheet 102.01
          Sheet 103
          Sheet 104
          Sheet 104.01
          Sheet 105
          Sheet 106
          Sheet 107
          Sheet 108
          Sheet 109
          Sheet 110
          Sheet 111
          Sheet 111.01
          Sheet 111.02
          Sheet 111.03
          Sheet 112
          Sheet 113
          Sheet 114
          Sheet 115
          Sheet 116
          Sheet 117
          Sheet 118
          Sheet 119
          Sheet 120
          Sheet 121
          Sheet 122
          Sheet 123
          Sheet 124
          Sheet 125
          Sheet 126
          Sheet 127
          Sheet 128
          Sheet 129
          Sheet 129.01
          Sheet 130
          Sheet 131
          Sheet 132
          Sheet 133
          Sheet 134
          Sheet 135
          Sheet 136
          Sheet 137
          Sheet 138
          Sheet 139
          Sheet 140
          Sheet 141
          Sheet 141.01
          Sheet 142
          Sheet 143
          Sheet 144
          Sheet 145
          Sheet 146
          Sheet 147
          Sheet 148
          Sheet 149
          Sheet 150
          Sheet 151
          Sheet 152
          Sheet 153
          Sheet 154
          Sheet 155
          Sheet 156
          Sheet 157
          Sheet 158
          Sheet 159
          Sheet 160
          Sheet 161
          Sheet 162
          Sheet 163
          Sheet 164
          Sheet 165
          Sheet 166
          Sheet 167
          Sheet 168
          Sheet 169
          Sheet 170
          Sheet 170.01
          Sheet 171
          Sheet 172
          Sheet 173
          Sheet 174
Administration - Payroll / Personnel View Archived
    Human Resources Information
This section contains Human Resources Information.
          Employment Application
Employment Application
          Family Leave Insurance Poster
Family Leave Insurance provisions of the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law
Clerk's Office View Archived
    Administrator's Office Information
This section contains Administrator's Office Information.
          Petition Letter for Watershed Equity
Please read our letter seeking equity under the Highlands Ace for watershed communities. If you agree with our position and want to make a difference, please click on the link and sign the petiton which will be sent to Governor Chris Christie and the New Jersey legislature.
What you can find here: Citizen Leadership Form and vacancy listing for any Township Authority, Board, Committee, Commission along with information about membership on these committees.
          Citizen Leadership Form & Guidelines
Click above to get the Citizen Leadership Form. Upon completion please submit the Citizen Leadership Form to the Township Clerks Office. NOTICE: Enactment of the "Citizen Service Act" A2784 on October 19, 2009 requires any person interested in serving on a municipal authority, board, committee or commission to file a "Citizen Leadership Form" with the Municipal Clerk & requires anyone newly appointed to a municipal entity to take an Oath of Office for that specific position.
          Vacant Positions
A new vacancy list is posted whenever a vacant position exists. Please check the Township Website frequently by clicking "Vacant Positions" to view any current vacant position on Township Authorities, Boards, Committees and Commissions.
    Award Night - Volunteer Form - Presentation Form
          Nomination Form 2013
          Presentation Request Form 2013
          PRESS RELEASE 2013 - Letter to Organizations of West Milford
          PRESS RELEASE 2013 - Volunteer Award Ceremony
    Clerk's Office Information
This section contains Clerk's Office Information.
          2006 Morris County Cooperative Pricing
          2009 Passaic County Open Space & Farmland Preservation Grant Application - Nosenzo Pond Road -CYO Property
The Township of West Milford has applied for Passaic County open space funds for the acquisition of this property.
          2009 Passaic County Open Space & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund - Bubbling Springs Rehabilitation
The Township of West Milford is applying for Passaic County open space fund to effectuate improvements at Bubbling Springs.
          2009 Passaic County Open Space & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund - Echo Lake Park Roller Hockey Rink
The Township of West Milford has applied for Passaic County open space funds to convert the tennis courts on Germantown Road to a roller hockey rink.
          2009 Passaic County Open Space & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund - Random Woods - Ridge Road
The Township of West Milford is applying for Passaic County Open Space Funds for this property acquisition.
          Passaic County Military Commemorative Veterans Registration Form
Passaic County Military Commemorative Veterans Registration Form
          Passaic County, NJ Annual Action Plan 2010
Passaic County, NJ Annual Action Plan 2010
          Political Contribution Disclosure Form - Pay to Play
Political Contribution Disclosure Form - Pay to Play
          RFP Operations & Maintenance
    Election Material - Results - Information
          1- Application for Vote By Mail Ballot - PRINT 2 PAGES- 1-APPLICATION 2-ADDRESS TO MAIL OUT
This application must be received by the County Clerk not later than 7 days prior to the election, unless you apply in person or via an authorized messanger during County Clerk's office hours, but no later than 3:00 p.m. the day prior to the election. Print the application and mail it to the Passaic County Clerk. The Passaic County Clerk's Office will then mail the BALLOT to address given in the application.
          1- Voter Registration Application & Political Party Affiliation
          2004 Official Primary Election results June 8, 2004 as certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2005 Unofficial Election Results
          2006 Official General Election Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2006 Official Primary Election Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2006 Official School Election Results April 18, 2006
          2007 Official General Election Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2007 Official Primary Election Results as certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2007 School Election Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2008 Official General Election Results November 4 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2008 Official Presidential Primary Election Results 2-5-08 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2008 Official Primary Election Results June 3 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2009 Official General Election Results 11-3-09 as certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2009 Official Primary Election results June 2 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk
          2010 Official General Election Results 11-2-10 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado
          2010 Official Primary Election Results 6-8-10 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado
          2010 Official School Board Election Results 4-20-10 From Passaic County Election Results Web Site
          2010 SAMPLE BALLOT June 8, 2010 Primary Election
          2011 Official General Election Results 11-8-11 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kirstin M. Corrado
          2011 Official Primary Election Results 6-7-11 as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado
          2011 Official School Board Election Results 4-27-11 from Passaic County Election Results Web Site
          2011 SAMPLE BALLOT November 8, 2011 General Election
          2012 Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado, Esq. General Election 11-6-12
          2012 Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado, Esq. Primary Election 6-5-12
          2013 Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristen M. Corrado Esq. General Election 11-5-13
          2013 Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristen M. Corrado Esq. Primary Election 6-4-13
          2013 Official Results Special Primary Election 8-13-13
          2013 SAMPLE BALLOT August 13, 2013 Primary Election
          2013 SAMPLE BALLOT June 4, 2013 Primary Elections
          2013 Unofficial Results Special Senator Election 10- 16-13
          2014 Official Results as certified by Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado, Esq. General Election 11-04-14
          2014 Official Results as Certified by the Passaic County Clerk Kristin M. Corrado, ESQ, Primary Election 06-03-2014
          2014 SAMPLE BALLOT June 03, 2014 PRIMARY ELECTION
          2014 SAMPLE BALLOT- November 4, 2014 General Election
          2014 UNOFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS - 11-04-2014
          Voter Privacy
    Garage Sale
          Garage Sale Application and Ordinance
    Government Records - OPRA
          OPRA - Request for Government Records
    Notary, Notary Public, Notary Officer
          Hours and Times Available To Residents
Residents needing document(s) certified by a Notary Public can do so in Town Hall in the Clerks Office during the following times: Monday - Thursday ONLY 8:30am - 1:30pm
    Rental Housing Registration
Upon completion FORM is filed with the Township Clerks Office.
          Rental Housing Registration Form
Instructions are included. Please read entire document. Upon completion the FORM is filed in person with the Township Clerk's Office.
    Resolutions A 2014
          2014-001 Special Consent Agenda 1-4-14
          2014-002 Re-establish Autumn Lights Committee
          2014-003 Re-establish Beautification/Recycling Task Force Committee
          2014-004 Re-establish Heritage Committee
          2014-005 Re-establish CASA Committee
          2014-006 Re-establish Safety Committee
          2014-007 Re-establish Stormwater Pollution Team
          2014-008 Emergency Management Council
          2014-009 JIF Commissioners Safety Delegate
          2014-010 HIF Commissioner-Shanahan
          2014-011 Appoint NJSEM Commissioner
          2014-012 PC Solid Waste Advisory Appt-Stires
          2014-013 Compliance Officer
          2014-014 Annual Meeting Notice
          2014-015 Signatures on Township Accounts
          2014-016 Newspapers
          2014-017 Cash Mgmt Plan
          2014-018 Collection of Taxes Hours
          2014-019 Rate of Interest-Taxes Improvement Assessments
          2014-020 Certain Statutory Payments Regular
          2014-021 Petty Cash
          2014-022 Release Executive Session Minutes
          2014-023 Temporary Budget 2014
          2014-024 Appt Twp Attorney Prof Svcs Contract-Semrau
          2014-025 Appt Auditor Prof Svcs Contract-Ferraioli
          2014-026 Prof Svcs Engineer Ferriero
          2014-027 Prof Svcs Piazza-Monitor COAH Obligations
          2014-028 Prof Svcs Labor Counsel-Corrigan
          2014-029 Prof Svcs Bond Counsel-Beinfield
          2014-030 Prof Svcs Twp Plnr McGroarty-Banisch Associates
          2014-031 Prof Svcs Ferriero-Open Space Matters
          2014-032 Prof Svcs TaxMaps-MJB
          2014-033 Prof Svcs Land Conservancy Open Space
          2014-034 Prof Svcs Risk Mgmt Consult-PIA
          2014-035 Prof Svcs Gilmartin-REHS-HD
          2014-036 Prof Svcs Osias-REHS-HD
          2014-037 Prof Svcs Pascrell-Lobbyist
          2014-038 Caretaker Agmt-Weber
          2014-039 Interlocal-Bloomingdale-Registrar
          2014-040 Liquor License Transfer-ALO to Grasshopper
          2014-041 Various 2014 Licenses
          2014-042 Payment of Bills 1-4-14
          2014-043 CASA Grant Application
          2014-044 Chilton Hospital Services
          2014-045 Prof Svcs Continue Princeton Hydro
          2014-046 Prof Svcs Tax Appeals Scott Holtzhauer
          2014-047 Change Order 319 Stormwater Retrofit
          2014-048 2014 Police Interceptor Equipment Changeovers
          2014-049 Millennium Gas Masks
          2014-050 Extend Teplitz Contract Market Recyclables
          2014-051 Inactive Liq Lic Renewal w-Conditions
          2014-052 Consent Agenda
          2014-053 Cancel Checks
          2014-054 Correction of Error-Wright
          2014-055 Correction of Error-Cisneros
          2014-056 Refund Other Liens
          2014-057 Refund Overpayments
          2014-058 Refund Recreation Fees
          2014-059 Various 2014 Licenses
          2014-060 Payment of Bills 1-22-14
          2014-061 Executive Session 1-22-14
          2014-062 Partially Reinstate Firematic Services Fire Co 2
          2014-063 Authorized Bonds $9Million Amend Ferraioli Beinfield Contract
          2014-064 Settle Tax Appeals
          2014-065 Prof Svcs Envirotactics LRSP Banker Road
          2014-066 Prof Svcs Envirotactics LRSP Museum
          2014-067 Snow Plow Montelone Withdrawal-Kershaw Change Order
          2014-068 Foley Change Order No. 2 Repair Loaders
          2014-069 Change Order Salt
          2014-070 TWA Approval Storms Island
          2014-071 Consent Agenda
          2014-072 Cancel Outstanding Checks
          2014-073 Refund Firearms Range Fee
          2014-074 Refund Escrow Funds
          2014-075 Payment of Bills 2-5-14
          2014-076 Refund Overpayments
          2014-077 Executive Session 2-19-14
          2014-078 CDBG Grant Application
          2014-079 Liquor License Renewal w/Conditions
          2014-080 Inactive Liq Lic Renewal w-Conditions
          2014-081 Transfer Current Fund
          2014-082 Consent Agenda
          2014-083 Cancel Taxes Parcels Combines
          2014-084 Refund Other Liens
          2014-085 Refund Over Payments
          2014-086 Reinstatement of Taxes
          2014-087 Payment of Bills 2-19-14
          2014-088 Appoint Perconti Judge
          2014-089 Appoint Prosecutor Gaven
          2014-090 Appoint Public Defender Affinito
          2014-091 Executive Session 3-5-14
          2014-092 Bond Combination $9,245,000
          2014-093 Bond Forms $9,245,000
          2014-094 Reimburse Facilities Trust From Open Space
          2014-095 PC Open Space Grant App Acquire Weaver Road
          2014-096 Prof Svcs Appraisal Weaver Rd Landmark Appraisal
          2014-097 Prof Svcs Appraisal Weaver Rd Mackoff
          2014-098 PC Open Space Grant App Replace Septic Bubbling Springs
          2014-099 Boat Races Browns Point
          2014-100 Ferriero Change Order
          2014-101 Consent Agenda
          2014-102 Refund Police Fee
          2014-103 Payment of Bills 3-5-14
          2014-104 PC Open Space Grant App CYO Playground
          2014-105 PS Open Space Grant App Farrell Field
          2014-106 Executive Session 3-19-14
          2014-107 Vactor Equipment Repair
          2014-108 Distracted Driving
          2014-109 Current Fund Transfer
          2014-110 Consent Agenda
          2014-111 refund Other Liens
          2014-112 Refund Overpayments
          2014-113 Refund Police Fee
          2014-114 Reinstatement of Taxes
          2014-115 Tax Correction Error
          2014-116 Payment of Bills 3-19-14
          2014-117 Prof Svcs Appriaisal Marshall Hill Appraisal Consultants
          2014-118 Appoint Twp Dir DPW Clementi
          2014-119 Appoint Twp Fire Marshal Moscatello
          2014-120 Executive Session 3-19-14
          2014-121 Auditor Increase Contract
          2014-122 Change Order Element Architectural
          2014-123 Ferriero Application Recycling Access Road
          2014-124 Extend Habitat for Humanity Due Diligence Period
          2014-125 TWA Approval for Sommerville LLC
          2014-126 Rescind Res 2014-098 Application Bubbling Springs
          2014-127 PBA SOA Contract Ratification
          2014-128 Award Contract Maintenance Ballfields D'Onofrio
          2014-129 Award Paving Materials MCCOOP Tilcon
          2014-130 Award Stone MCCOOP Eastern Concrete
          2014-131 Liquor Lic Renewal
          2014-132 Temporary Budget
          2014-133 Consent Agenda
          2014-134 Various 2014 Licenses
          2014-135 Payment of Bills 4-2-14
          2014-136 Appoint Johnson Special Police Officer
          2014-137 Create Vacancy Heritage MacNeil
          2014-138 Accept Resignation Costanzo HPC Recreation Heisler
          2014-139 Number Not Used
          2014-140 Opposing Bills S3117 A4464 Michelles Law
          2014-141 Affirm Civil Rights Policy
          2014-142 Amend Update Personnel Manual
          2014-143 Wallisch Volunteer
          2014-144 Library Board Agmt
          2014-145 TWA Approval World Crusade For Christ
          2014-146 Consent Agenda
          2014-147 Cancel Taxes
          2014-148 Refund Bingo & Raffle Fees Clerk
          2014-149 Refund Escrow Funds
          2014-150 Refund Other Liens
          2014-151 Refund Over Payments
          2014-152 Refund Recreation Fees
          2014-153 Reinstate of Taxes
          2014-154 Settle Tax Appeals
          2014-155 Payment of Bills 4-23-14
          2014-156 Create Vacancy ADA Oatley
          2014-157 Read Budget by Title
          2014-158 Municipal + Solid Waste Budget Introduction
          2014-159 Executive Session 05-07-2014
          2014-160 PurchaseStretchers-UGLAmbCorp
          2014-161 Grant Cancellation Westbrook Phase II
          2014-162 Weedharvester Ownership GL Bistate Comm
          2014-163 Camp Bus AgreementBOE
          2014-164 Temporary Budget
          2014-165 Junkyard License
          2014-166 ReleaseEscrow-Block8001-Lot 1-RandomWoods
          2014-167 Refund Escrow Funds
          2014-168 Scrap Vehicles
          2014-169 Payment Of Bills-05-07-14
          2014-170 Accept Resignation Robinson EDC
          2014-171 Deferred School Taxes
          2014-172 Executive Session 5-21-14
          2014-173-UGLPOA Fireworks
          2014-174-SustainableJersey ReCertification
          2014-175-2013 RecyclingTonnageGrant
          2014-176 Transportation Grant
          2014-177 AmendContract-CanningGroup-RobertCasey
          2014-178 Award Contract- Roadway Crack Sealing
          2014-179 Award Contract Road Resurfacing
          2014-180 Cancel Contract-Keller&Kirkpatrick
          2014-181 Award-ScrapMetalContract
          2014-182 2014 TemporaryAppropriations
          2014-183 LiqLicTrans-Expansion-Grasshopper
          2014-184 Consent Agenda
          2014-185 Refund Recreation Fees
          2014-186 Refund Other Liens
          2014-187 Refund Overpayments
          2014-188 Refund Escrow Funds
          2014-189 Refund Police Fees
          2014-190 Reinstate Taxes
          2014-191 Payment of Bills 5-21-14
          2014-192 Executive Session 06-04-14
          2014-197 Cultural Heritage Re-Grant
          2014-198 Interlocal Srvs Agmt Paterson Communicable Disease Services
          2014-204-Payment of Bills 6-4-14
          2014-206-LiqLicRenewal w-conditions
          2014-207-LiquorLicRenewal InactiveUnsited
          2014-208 Executive Session 6-25-14
          2014-209 Establish Trust Fund Accounts
          2014-210 Authorizing ROID Grant
          2014-211 Settle Tax Appeal
          2014-212 Authorizing An Electronic Tax Sale
          2014-213 LOSAP Certification List
          2014-214 Liq License Renewals
          2014-215 LiquorLicRenewal w/conditions
          2014-216-LiquorLicRenewals InactiveUnsited
          2014-224-PaymentofBills 6-25-14
          2014-238-LiquorLicRenewals w-conditions
          2014-241-Number not used
          2014-249-Establish Cable TV Committee
          2014-250 Oppose Increased Fees Amending Corridor Enhancement Program
          2014-253-CorrectiveActionPlan2013 for 8-20-14 mtg
          2014-261-LiquorLicRenewals w-conditions-Normtra-BearfortPlaza
          2014-264 Tabled to September 17, 2014 Regular Meeting
          2014-279-Suspend Garage Sale Permit & Fee Requirements for September 26, 27 & 28, 2014
          2014-280-Bubbling Springs Diversion
          2014-282 Tabled to September 17, 2014 Regular Meeting
          2014-293-PaymentofBills -9-3-14
          2014-296-400,000 Emergency Notes
          2014-297-Bond Anticipation Note-$4,849,300
          2014-302-Number Not Used
          2014-303-Trails MasterPlan
          2014-313-PaymentofBills 9-17-14
          2014-329 -CancelOutstandingChecks
          2014-332-Payment of Bills 10-1-14
          2014-336 -AcceptHillcrestLeaseAmendment
          2014-352-Various-2014-15 Licenses
          2014-353 PaymentofBills 10-22-14
          2014-353A - Executive Session 11-12-14
          2014-360-Chapter 159PassaicCountyWallischRoof
          2014-371-Various-2014-15 Licenses
          2014-372- Paymentof Bills 11-12-14
          2014-387-Various-2015 Licenses
          2014-388-PaymentofBills 12-3-14
          2014-392-AuthorizeFireDepartment Fundign Guidelines
          2014-408-DuplicateTaxSaleCertificate DudleySt-B11002Lot1
          2014-410-Refund of Overpayments
          2014-413-Various-2015 Licenses
          2014-414 Payment of Bills 12-17-14
    Resolutions B 2013
          2013-001 Special Consent Agenda 01-02-13
          2013-002 Re-establish Autumn Lights Committee
          2013-003 Re-establish Beautification Recycling Task Force
          2013-004 Re-establish Heritage Committee
          2013-005 Re-establish CASA Committee
          2013-006 Re-establish Safety Committee
          2013-007 Re-establish Stormwater Pollution Team
          2013-008 Annual Meeting Notice
          2013-009 Signature on Town Accounts
          2013-010 Newspapers
          2013-011 Cash Management Plan
          2013-012 Collector of Taxes Hours
          2013-013 Rate of Interest Improvement Assessments
          2013-014 Certain Statutory Payments Regular
          2013-015 Petty Cash
          2013-016 Release Executive Session Minutes
          2013-017 Temporary Budget 2013
          2013-018 Appt Twp Attorney Semrau
          2013-019 Auditor Ferraioli
          2013-020 JIF Commissioners Safety Delegate
          2013-021 HIF Commissioners Shanahan
          2013-022 NJSEM Commissioners
          2013-023 PC Solid Waste Adv Appt Stires
          2013-024 Emergency Management Council
          2013-025 Prof Services Twp Attorneyy Semrau
          2013-026 Prof Services Labor Counsel Corrigan
          2013-027 Bond Counsel
          2013-028 Prof Services Auditor Contract
          2013-029 Prof Services Engineer Ferriero
          2013-030 Prof Services GIS Ferriero
          2013-031 Prof Servcies Paul Ferriero Open Space Matters
          2013-032 Prof Services Twp Planner Consult McGroarty Banisch
          2013-033 Prof Services Gilmartin REHS-HD
          2013-034 Prof Services Osias REHS-HD
          2013-035 Prof Services Land Conservancy Open Space
          2013-036 Prof Serv Piazza Monitor COAH Obligations
          2013-037 Prof Services Tax Maps MJB
          2013-038 Prof Serv Pascrell Lobbyist
          2013-039 No Action Taken
          2013-040 Chilton Hospital Services
          2013-041 Interlocal Bloomingdale Registrar
          2013-042 Banking Agreement
          2013-043 Change Order Allied Oil
          2013-044 Payment of Bills 11-02-13
          2013-045 No Action Taken
          2013-046 Executive Session
          2013-047 MOU Newark Monitoring Station PD
          2013-048 Professional Services-Trails Grant-Slagle
          2013-049 Award Scrap Metal
          2013-050 Prof Services Risk Mgmt Consult - PIA
          2013-051 Caretaker Agreement-Weber
          2013-052 Pocket Liq Lic Transfer-Falciglia
          2013-053 Consent Agenda
          2013-054 Correct LOSAP List
          2013-055 Cancel Twp Check 1-23-13
          2013-056 Refund Escrow Funds
          2013-057 Refund Health Department Fee
          2013-058 Refund Other Liens
          2013-059 Refund Overpayments
          2013-060 JIF Change in Deductible
          2013-061 Prof Service Fox Architectural-Museum
          2013-062 Payment of Bills
          2013-063 Ratify AFSCME-2275-DPW
          2013-064 Executive Session 02-06-13
          2013-065 Consent Agenda
          2013-066 Payment of Bills 02-06-13
          2013-067 Support State Leg - Energy Tas
          2013-068 Transfer Resolution
          2013-069 Tax Title Lien Sale
          2013-070 Award Contract Ambulance
          2013-071 Award Contract Ballfields
          2013-072 Savin Copier Eng DPW
          2013-073 Consent Agenda
          2013-074 Cancel Taxes
          2013-075 Refund Construction Fees
          2013-076 Refund Health Depart Fees
          2013-077 Refund Municipal Court Fees
          2013-078 Refund Other Liens
          2013-079 Refund Overpayment #2
          2013-080 Refund Overpayments MUA
          2013-081 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-082 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-083 Payment of Bills 02-20-13
          2013-084 Accept Resignations EDC
          2013-085 Executive Session 03-06-13
          2013-086 CDBG Grant-UGL-Sediment Control
          2013-087 Award Contract-Road Materials
          2013-088 Interlocal Bloomfield-HealthOfficer Amend 2012 Resolution
          2013-089 Ratify Teamsters-DPW
          2013-090 Payment of Bills 03-06-13
          2013-091 Accept Resignation-Historic Preservation Comm
          2013-092 Drainage Easement-Ziegler+Joo
          2013-093 Temporary Easement-1 Butler Lane-Hardy-Well
          2013-094 Support S280 School Fund
          2013-095 Settle Newark Tax Appeal
          2013-096 2013 BAN Sale
          2013-096 BAN Sale
          2013-097 Liquor Lic Renewal
          2013-098 MOA BOE School Bus For Day Camp Program
          2013-099 Mason Trucks Purchase Reso 3-14-13
          2013-100 Temporary Budget
          2013-101 Consent Agenda
          2013-102 Cancel Outstanding Checks
          2013-103 Refund Overpayments
          2013-104 Refund Overpayments MUA
          2013-105 Refund Other Liens
          2013-106 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-107 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-108 Payment of Bills 3-20-13
          2013-109 Read Budget By Title
          2013-110 Municipal Budget Resolution
          2013-111 Temporary Capital Budget
          2013-112 Pre School Fee Changes-Effective Date
          2013-113 Green Communities Grant 2013
          2013-114 Prof Serv Forest Mgmt-Farr
          2013-115 Prof Serv WJ Castle-Crescent Road Bridge
          2013-116 Award Contract Streetscape
          2013-117 Firrito Tax Appeal
          2013-118 Consent Agenda
          2013-119 Payment of Bills 04-03-13
          2013-120 Deferred School Taxes
          2013-121 Executive Session 4-17-13
          2013-122 Allow Change To Farmers Market Dates
          2013-123 Support NJLM Position Fundings for Open Space
          2013-124 Authorize Filing for Tonnage Grant
          2013-125 Prof Services - Pellow Coffee House Pkg Lot Design
          2013-126 Prof Services Schaffer Space Study
          2013-127 Award Contract 1-2-3 Ave Project
          2013-128 Discharge Mortage Wilson 19 Laramie Trail
          2013-129 Consent Agenda
          2013-130 Cancel Taxes
          2013-131 Refund Other Liens
          2013-132 Refund Overpayments
          2013-133 Refund Overpayments MUA
          2013-134 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-135 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-136 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-137 Payment of Bills 04-17-13
          2013-138 Reforestation Grant-Farr
          2013-139 Executive Session 05-01-13
          2013-140 Municipal Budget Amendment 2013
          2013-141Adopt 2013 Municipa Budget As Amended
          2013-142 Adopt 2013 Solid Waste Budget
          2013-143 Municipal Budget Self Exam
          2013-144 Verizon BPPT Bill
          2013-145 Prof Svs Val Svs Bubbling Springs
          2013-146 No Action Taken
          2013-147 Award Contract Diesel State Contract
          2013-148 Award Contract Gasoline State Contract Allied
          2013-149 Award Contract Paving Materials MCCOOP Tilcon
          2013-150 Award Contract MCC Road Resurfacing
          2013-151 Consent Agenda 05-01-13
          2013-152 Issue Dup Tax Sale Cert-1816-1
          2013-153 Issue Dup Tax Sale Cert-9801-28
          2013-154 Issue Dup Tax Sale Cert-11101-31
          2013-155 Temporary Easement Michalka
          2013-156 Temporary Easement S&R
          2013-157 Temporary Easement Sunny Blue
          2013-158 Cancel Tax Penalties
          2013-159 Payment of Bills 05-01-13
          2013-160 Executive Session 05-22-13
          2013-161 Open Space Referendum Question
          2013-162 Cultural Events Grant 2013
          2013-163 Transit Grant Inter-City
          2013-164 COPS Grant
          2013-165 Crescent Road Bridge Award
          2013-166 Prof Svcs Tax Appeals Scott Holtzhauer
          2013-167 Inserra Developer's Agreement
          2013-168 Discharge of Mortgage Cummings
          2013-169 Consent Agenda
          2013-170 Cancel Taxes
          2013-171 Cancel Tax Lien Premiums
          2013-172 Refund Other Liens
          2013-173 Refund Escrow Funds
          2013-174 Refund Overpayments
          2013-175 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-176 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-177 Payments of Bills 5-22-13
          2013-178 Accept Resignation CASA Yevchek
          2013-179 Participate in CDBG 2014-2015-2016
          2013-180 Chapter 159 Clean Communities Grant
          2013-181 Settle Tax Appeals
          2013-182 Payment of Bills 6-5-13
          2013-183 Accept Resignation Clark-WVRSA
          2013-184 Executive Session 06-19-13
          2013-185 Temporary Policy For Background Checks
          2013-186 Green Acres Resolution-AppleAcres
          2013-187 UGLPOA Fireworks
          2013-188 Chapter 159 ROID Grant
          2013-189 Chapter 159 Change in Title Text
          2013-190 Award Contract Loader Jesco
          2013-191 Number Not Used
          2013-192 Liquor License Renewals
          2013-193 Liq Lic Renewals w-Conditions
          2013-194 Inactive Pocket Liq Lic Renewal w-Conditions
          2013-195 Tax Lien Assignment Intro
          2013-196 Village on Ridge Developers Agreement
          2013-197 Consent Agenda
          2013-198 Cancel Taxes
          2013-199 Refund Other Liens
          2013-200 Refund Overpayments
          2013-201 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-202 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-203 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-204 Payments of Bills 06-19-13
          2013-205 Opposition Special General Election Oct-16-13
          2013-206 Authorize Bid For Finn Septic
          2013-207 Authorize Execution of Soil Excavation Permit For Finn Septic
          2013-208 Authorize Agreement Retaining Wall 20 Mountainside
          2013-209 Award Contract Vex Hearing Officer 7-3-13
          2013-210 Award Contract Ambulance
          2013-211 Award Contract Vacuum Street Sweeper
          2013-212 Purchase of Generators 2013
          2013-213 Green Acres Forestry Grant
          2013-214 Chapter 159 Reforestation Grant
          2013-215 Extend Tax Due Date
          2013-216 Authorize Tax Lien Assignment -ANA Mgmt Co
          2013-217 Intro Tax Certificate Assign Miller
          2013-218 Liquor License Renewals
          2013-219 Liquor Lic Renewal W-Conditions
          2013-220 Consent Agenda
          2013-221 Cancel Taxes
          2013-222 Duplicate Tax Sale Certificates
          2013-223 Refund Other Liens
          2013-224 Refund Engineer Perf Guarantee
          2013-225 Refund Overpayments
          2013-226 Refund Personnel Insurance Fees
          2013-227 Refund Police Fee
          2013-228 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-229 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-230 Stipend For Recycling
          2013-231 Payment of Bills 7-17-13
          2013-232 Accept Resignation Sosa Beautification Recylcing
          2013-233 Executive Session 7-16-13
          2013-234 Purchase Police Vehicles
          2013-235 Award Contract Skytop recycling Services
          2013-236 Twp Prosecutor-Gavan
          2013-237 Executive Session 08-21-13
          2013-238 Support Woodland Park Opposition to Draining of Reservoirs
          2013-239 OPMA + OPRA Amendments
          2013-240 LOSAP-2013
          2013-241 MC-JIF Membership Renewal
          2013-242 Authorizing ROID Grant
          2013-243 Prof Services Foundation Title Insurance Bubbling Springs
          2013-244 Prof Services Yukon
          2013-245 Authorizing State Contract Jet Vac Vactor Repair
          2013-246 Authorizing State Contract Lawmen Police Handguns
          2013-247 Award Contract Striping
          2013-248 Contract BMP Construction Sanitary Const
          2013-249 Authorize Assign Tax Certificate Miller
          2013-250 Consent Agenda
          2013-251 Refund Other Liens
          2013-252 Refund Escrow Funds
          2013-253 Refund Overpayments
          2013-254 Refund Overpayments State Court Tax Appeals
          2013-255 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-256 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-257 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-258 Payment of Bills 08-21-13
          2013-259 BMP Equipment EUS Contract
          2013-260 Change Order Haskell Paving
          2013-261 Wallisch Property No Interest
          2013-262 Synopsis Audit Report For Publication
          2013-263 Certification Group Affidavit of 2012 Audit
          2013-264 Sell Twp Property
          2013-265 Prof Serv Berry Associates Survey Compost Facility
          2013-266 Submit TWA Appplication Bubbling Springs
          2013-267 Prof Svcs Civil Dynamics Inspect Nosenzo Pond Dam
          2013-268 Contract Library Septic M&B Trucking
          2013-269 Prof Serv Dykstra Bubbling Springs Survey
          2013-270 Consent Agenda
          2013-271 Refund Overpayments
          2013-272 Payment of Bills 9-4-13
          2013-273 Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate B4403-L3
          2013-274 Executive Session 09-18-13
          2013-275 Dedicated Funding For Childhood Cancer Research
          2013-276 Best Practices Surplus Policy
          2013-277 Tax Exempt Debt
          2013-278 Corrective Action Plan 2012 for 9-18-13 Mtg
          2013-279 Reforestation Grant
          2013-280 2014 S.A.G.E
          2013-281 2014 Municipal Aid Application Ridge Road
          2013-282 2014 S.A.G.E.
          2013-283 BAN Sale
          2013-284 Emergency Notes
          2013-285 Chapter 159 Forestry Service Grant
          2013-286 Change Order Crescent Road Bridge
          2013-287 Pocket Liquor Lic Renewal w-conditions
          2013-288 Consent Agenda
          2013-289 Refund Other Liens
          2013-290 Refund Engineering Perf Guarantee
          2013-291 Refund Overpayments
          2013-292 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-293 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-294 Payment of Bills 9-18-13
          2013-295 Award Contract Element Architectural
          2013-296 Executive Session 10-02-13
          2013-297 Accept Prop Sale 09-24-13
          2013-298 Authorize Narrative InMinute Books
          2013-299 Chapter 159 Mass Transit Grant
          2013-300 Chapter 159 Title Change ROID
          2013-301 Amend Prof Serv Contracts Gilmartin Osias
          2013-302 Award Contract 2013-2014 Snow Plowing Services
          2013-303 Authorizing State Contract Jet Vac Vactor Repair
          2013-304 Award Contract Ice Control Aggregates
          2013-305 Award Contract Rock Salt Cargill
          2013-306 Crack Seal Resolution-MC COOP
          2013-307 Payment of Bills 10-02-13
          2013-308 Health Grant Application
          2013-309 NJ Employee Health Benefits Fund Renewal
          2013-310 Sun Yung Joo Right Of Entry Agreement
          2013-311 Cross River Fiber Agreement Right of Way Use
          2013-312 Haskell Contract Otterhole
          2013-313 Zenith Constru-Change Order-Streetscape
          2013-314 Consent Agenda
          2013-315 Cancel Taxes
          2013-316 Refund Other Liens
          2013-317 Refund Overpayments
          2013-318 Refund Police Fee
          2013-319 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-320 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-321 Various 2013 Licenses
          2013-322 Payment of Bills 10-23-13
          2013-323 Apple Valley Transfer Deed to DEP 11-14-13
          2013-323 Executive Session 10-23-13
          2013-324 Prof Services Norton Soil Borings Bubbling Springs
          2013-325 Prof Services Klepesch
          2013-326 Const Contract Stormwater Retrofit
          2013-327 Rejecting Tub Grinder Bids
          2013-328 Casa Grant
          2013-329 Peq River Coalition+Charlottesburg Reservoir
          2013-330 Qualified Purchasing Agent
          2013-331 Current Fund Transfer 2013
          2013-332 Solid Waste Transfer 2013
          2013-333 Prof Services Envirotactics LRSP
          2013-334 Prof Services Ferriero
          2013-335 Pocket Inactive Liquor Lic Renewal w/coditions
          2013-336 Cancel Taxes Elks Block 6701 Lot 2
          2013-337 Consent Agenda
          2013-338 Refund Other Liens
          2013-339 Refund Junk Yard App Clerks Office
          2013-340 Refund Overpayments
          2013-341 Refund Police Fees
          2013-342 Refund Recreation Fees
          2013-343 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-344 Various 2013, 2014 Licenses
          2013-345 Payment of Bills 11-13-13
          2013-346 No Action Taken
          2013-347 Executive Session 12-4-13
          2013-348 Annual Meeting Notice
          2013-349 Change Order Ferriero
          2013-350 Amend Hillcrest Agreement with BOE
          2013-351 Consent Agenda
          2013-352 Payment of Bills 12-4-13
          2013-353 Prof Svcs Canning Grp Interim Admin Casey
          2013-354 Prof Svcs Special Legal Counsel Triple T vs WMT-Offcrs
          2013-355 Executive Session 12-18-13
          2013-356 Sustainable Grant Resolution
          2013-357 Amend McGroarty 2013 Contract
          2013-358 Award Tub Grinding Contract
          2013-359 Award Museum Ceiling Contract
          2013-360 Nunber Not Used
          2013-361 Change Order Foley Machine Repair
          2013-362 Award Diesel Allied Oil 2014
          2013-363 Award Gasoline Allied Oil 2014
          2013-364 Transfer Resolution
          2013-365 Consent Agenda
          2013-366 Cancel Outstanding Checks
          2013-367 Cancel Tax Lien Certificates
          2013-368 Cancel Taxes
          2013-369 Refund Bldg Permit Fee
          2013-370 Refund Other Liens
          2013-371 Refund Escrow Funds
          2013-372 Refund Health Dept Fee
          2013-373 Refund Overpayments
          2013-374 Reinstate Taxes
          2013-375 Various 2014 Licenses
          2013-376 Payment of Bills 12-18-13
          2013-377 Executive Session 12-18-13
          2013-378 Fire Suppression Services Fire District 2
    Resolutions C 2012
          2012-001 Special Consent Agenda
          2012-002 Re-establishment of Autumn Lights Committee
          2012-003 Re-establishment of Beautification / Recycling Task Force Committee
          2012-004 Re-establishment of Economic Development Committee
          2012-005 Re-establishment of Facilities Assessment Committee
          2012-006 Re-establishment of Heritae Committee
          2012-007 Re-establishment of Municipal Alliance Committee (CASA)
          2012-008 Re-establishment of Records Committee
          2012-009 Re-establishment of Safety Committee
          2012-010 Re-establishment of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Team
          2012-011 Annual Meeting Notice 2012
          2012-012 Signatures on Town Accounts
          2012-013 Newspapers
          2012-014 Cash Mgmt Plan
          2012-015 Collection of Taxes Hours
          2012-016 Rate of Interest-Taxes-Improvement Assessments
          2012-017 Certain Statutory Payments Regular
          2012-018 Petty Cash
          2012-019 Authorize Release of Executive Session Minutes
          2012-020 Temporary Budget 2012
          2012-021 Appt Twp Attorney-Semrau
          2012-022 Twp Prosecutor Moscaritolo
          2012-023 Auditor Ferraioli
          2012-024 Dir CS&R-Knudsen
          2012-025 Emergency Mgmt Coordinator
          2012-026 JIF Commissioners-SafetyDelegate-Shanahan-VanHook
          2012-027 HIF Commissioners-Shanahan
          2012-028 Sustainable Energy Commissioners-Shanahan
          2012-029 Deputy Alternate Registrar-Rodda
          2012-030 PC Solid Waste Adv Appt-Stires
          2012-031 Emergency Management Council
          2012-032 Deputy Fire Commissioner Stewart
          2012-033 Prof Services Contract-TwpAttorney-Semrau
          2012-034 Prof Services Labor Counsel-Corrigan
          2012-035 Prof Services Bond Counsel-Beinfield
          2012-036 Prof Services Auditor Contract
          2012-037 Twp Engineer-Ferriero
          2012-038 Prof Services GIS-Ferriero
          2012-039 Prof Services Paul Ferriero-OpenSpaceMatters
          2012-040 Twp Planner Consult-McGroarty
          2012-041 Prof Services Gilmartin REHS HD
          2012-042 Prof Services Oasis REHS HD
          2012-043 Prof Services Land Conservancy Open Space
          2012-044 Prof Services Piazza Monitor COAH Obligations
          2012-045 Prof Services Tax Maps MJB
          2012-046 Caretaker Agreements Ashley + Lopes
          2012-047 Oppose S-1954 + A-4358 Forest Harvest on State Lands
          2012-048 Tabled to Feb or Mar Workshop Mtg
          2012-049 Payment of Bills 1-7-12
          2012-050 Executive Sessions 1-7-12
          2012-051 Prof Services-RiskMgmtConsult-PIA
          2012-052 Reject Bid Tanker Pumper NJEV
          2012-053 Award Contract Fire Tanker
          2012-054 Award Contract Road materials-MCCP
          2012-055 Consent Agenda
          2012-056 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-057 Refund Other Liens
          2012-058 Refund Overpayment
          2012-059 Refund Recreation
          2012-060 Reinstate Tax
          2012-061 Collection of Taxes Hours
          2012-062 Rescind Transfer LaRocca to Inn at Farmcrest
          2012-063 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-064 Payment of Bills 1-18-12
          2012-065 Appoint Twp Admin
          2012-066 Executive Session 01-18-12
          2012-067 Executive Session 2-1-12
          2012-068 Concerns About TGP Highlands Application
          2012-069 Prof Services Envirotactics-Wallisch
          2012-070 Prof Services GIS Richard Cornell-Sparkes Case
          2012-071 Prof Services Princeton Hydro
          2012-072 Prof Services Princeton Hydro Morsetown Brook-Belchers Creek
          2012-073 Payment of Bills 2-1-12
          2012-074 Accept Resignation ZBA Severini
          2012-075 Appoint Dir CS&R
          2012-076 Support GL Powerboat Races
          2012-077 Request Extension of 2008 + 2009 CDBG Grants
          2012-078 Prof Services - Envirotactics Museum
          2012-079 Prof Services Envirotactics DPW
          2012-080 Prof Serv PK Environmental Cleanup Random Woods
          2012-081 Award Contract Road Materials
          2012-082 Award Contract Paving Materials MCCOOP-Tilcon
          2012-083 Award Contract Diesel MCCOOP
          2012-084 Award Contract Gasoline MCCOOP-Allied
          2012-085 Award Contract Road Materials MCCOOP-Tilcon
          2012-086 Change Order Kevco
          2012-087 Award Contract Recyclable Marketing-Trinity
          2012-088 Award Contract Ambulance
          2012-089 MOA-BOE SchoolBusForDayCampProgram
          2012-090 Transfer Funds
          2012-091 Compliance Officier
          2012-092 Consent Agenda
          2012-093 Cancel Taxes
          2012-094 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-095 Refund Overpayment
          2012-096 Refund Overpayment
          2012-097 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-098 Refund Recreation
          2012-099 Reinstate Tax
          2012-100 Tax Title Lien Sale
          2012-101 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-102 Amended Payment of Bills 2-22-12
          2012-103 Accept Resignations MUA Piro-Schimmenti-Hiester
          2012-104 JIF Commissioners Gage-Shanahan
          2012-105 2012 CDBG Application 1st-2nd-3rd Avenue Assessment
          2012-106 2012 CDBG Application UGL Sediment
          2012-107 Amend Corrigan 2012 Contract
          2012-108 Prof Services Labor Counsel - Giblin
          2012-109 Dayton Tax Appeal
          2012-110 Defeated Prof Services-EpicSolutions-Budget
          2012-111 Payment of Bills 3-7-12
          2012-112 Accept Resignations MUA Perriccone-Burns
          2012-113 Executive Session 3-7-12
          2012-114 Seek County Support For Pedestrain Path On UVR
          2012-115 Oppose S959+A1811 Water Fluroidation
          2012-118 Prof Serv #2 Piazza Monitor COAH Obligations
          2012-119 Bond Sale
          2012-120 Consent Agenda
          2012-121 Cancel Grant Balance
          2012-123 Refund Overpayments
          2012-124 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-125 Refund Other Liens
          2012-126 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-127 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-128 Rescind Duplicate Resolution
          2012-129 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-130 Paymnt of Bills 03-21-12 Amended
          2012-131 Appt Asst Prosecutor-Ferrante
          2012-132 Prof Service Ferrante Asst Mun Prosecutor
          2012-133 Executive Session 04-04-12
          2012-134 Temporary Budget 2012
          2012-135 Payment of Bills 04-04-12
          2012-136 Accept Resignations Health Board-DePalma
          2012-137 WITHDRAWN
          2012-138 Re-establish Transportation Committee
          2012-139 Opposing S1451 Amend OPMA
          2012-140 Opposing S1452 OPRA Amendments
          2012-141 Authorize Filing For Tonnage Grant
          2012-142 ROID Grant
          2012-143 Authorize Property Sale-Property
          2012-144 Authorize Disposal Filing Cabinets
          2012-145 Adopt MEL Personnel Manual
          2012-146 Adopt MEL Civil Rights Reso
          2012-147 Consent Agenda
          2012-148 Cancel Outstanding Checks
          2012-149 Cancel Taxes
          2012-150 Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate 89-66
          2012-151 Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate 99-091
          2012-152 First Aid Squad Refund
          2012-153 Refund Overpayments 1
          2012-154 Refund Overpayments MUA
          2012-155 Refund Overpayments Prior
          2012-156 Refund Other Liens
          2012-157 Refund Recreation
          2012-158 COAH-Payment
          2012-159 Various Licenses 2012-Licenses
          2012-160 Payment of Bills 4-18-12
          2012-161 Executive Session 04-25-12
          2012-163 Request Regular Updates Minutes From MUA
          2012-164 Transit Grant Inter City
          2012-165 Tax Foreclosures
          2012-166 Temporary Budget 2012
          2012-167 Payment of Bills 5-2-12
          2012-168 Executive Session 5-2-12
          2012-169 Defeated AFL CIO 2275 Agreement
          2012-170 Defeated Teamsters 560 Agreement
          2012-171 PC Open Space Grant App Westbrook 5-23-12
          2012-172 Authorize PC Clinton Road Bridge
          2012-172 Parcel #1 Attachment
          2012-173 Parcel #4 Attachment
          2012-173 Vacate Road for Clinton Road Bridge
          2012-174 Settle UGL Suit
          2012-175 Fire Works State Application PAL
          2012-176 Prof Services Revaluation Scott Holtzhauer
          2012-177 Drug Alcohol Policy NJ Transit
          2012-178 Tax Lien Assignment Intro
          2012-179 Liq Lic Renewal w-conditions HPlay
          2012-180 Consent Agenda
          2012-181 Cancel Outstanding Checks-Corrections
          2012-182 Cancel Taxes
          2012-183 Cash Bond Release Kidd
          2012-184 Refund Overpayments
          2012-185 Refund Raffle Fee
          2012-186 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-187 Refund Other Liens
          2012-188 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-189 Refund Recreation
          2012-190 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-191 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-192 Payment of Bills 05-23-12
          2012-193 Accept Resignation EDC Lauritano
          2012-194 Municipal Budget Solid Waste Intro
          2012-195 Increase Deferred School Taxes
          2012-196 Executive Session 5-29-12
          2012-197 Executive Session 6-6-12
          2012-198 CDBG Resolution - REDIRECT
          2012-199 Prof ServicesGuerin&Vreeland-Bubbling Springs Dam
          2012-200 NUMBER NOT USED
          2012-201 UGLPOA Fireworks
          2012-202 PAL Fireworks
          2012-203 Bubbling Springs Petty Cash Custodian
          2012-204 Refund Overpayment
          2012-205 Refund Overpayment
          2012-206 Temporary Budget 2012 4th Revision
          2012-207 Liquor License Renewals
          2012-208 Liquor Lic Renewals with Conditions
          2012-209 Liquor License Transfer Honkys
          2012-210 Payment of Bills 6-6-12
          2012-211 Executive Session 6-27-12
          2012-212 COAH Unit Habitat For Hymanity
          2012-213 COAH Housing Trust Fund Spending Plan
          2012-214 Reinstate Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program SLAP
          2012-215 Support A2027 S642 S380 Jessica Lunsford Act
          2012-216 Support S1896 A1503 Fair Share of Tax Appeal Refunds
          2012-217 Authorize Sustainable PSEG Grant
          2012-218 Prof Services Colaluce Random Woods
          2012-219 Authorize Septic System Repair at Johner
          2012-220 Endorse Camp Vacamas High Crest Loan Application
          2012-221 Tax Lien Assignment Adopt Durlik
          2012-222 Tax Lien Assignment Intro Brady
          2012-223 NUMBER NOT USED
          2012-224 Liquor License Renewal
          2012-225 Read Budget By Title
          2012-226 Adopt Budget Amendments
          2012-227 Adopt Municipal Budget
          2012-228 2012 Solid Waste Budget
          2012-229 NUMBER NOT USED
          2012-230 Signed 2011 Certification Annual Audit
          2012-231 Synopsis Audit Report for Publication
          2012-232 Consent Agenda
          2012-233 Refund Overpayment
          2012-234 Refund Other Liens
          2012-235 Refund Other Liens 2
          2012-236 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-237 Refund Recreation
          2012-238 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-239 Release Maintenance Bond Sunny Blue
          2012-240 Payment of Bills 6-27-12
          2012-241 Endorse High Crest Loan Application
          2012-242 Authorize Purchase Emergency Generator
          2012-243 Executive Session 7-18-12
          2012-244 Corrective Action Plan 2011 for 7-18-12
          2012-245 Bikeway Application Resolution
          2012-246 Award Contract Teen Center Games
          2012-247 Caretaker Agreement Ezzo
          2012-248 Award Contract Striping
          2012-249 Liq Lic Renewal
          2012-250 Adopt Tax LienAssignment-Brady
          2012-251 Intro Tax Lien Assignment-Garcia
          2012-252 Intro Tax Lien Assigment-Luppino
          2012-253 Intro Tax Lien Assignment-Mosca
          2012-254 Consent Agenda
          2012-255 Refund Overpayment
          2012-256 Refund Clerk's Office
          2012-257 Refund Other Liens
          2012-258 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-259 Refund Recreation Fees
          2012-260 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-261 Payment of Bills 7-18-12
          2012-262 Accept Resignation Heritage-Waldo
          2012-263 Executive Session 08-01-12
          2012-264 Capital Budget Amendment
          2012-265 Cultural Events Grant 2013
          2012-266 Bubbling Dam Restoration Grant Application
          2012-267 Endorse Farm Crest Lake Loan Application
          2012-268 Browns Point Boat Races
          2012-269 Authorize Chief of Police Agmt - Storbeck
          2012-270 Milford Steakhouse Renewal w-Conditions
          2012-271 Payment of Bills 08-01-12
          2012-272 Amend Corrigan Contract
          2012-273 Executive Session 08-15-12
          2012-274 Opposing S1451 Amend OPMA
          2012-275 Opposing S1452 Amend OPRA
          2012-276 Hold Senate Assembly Members Accountable
          2012-277 Award Lease Pitney Bowes Postage Machine
          2012-278 Correcting Endorse FarmCrest Lake Dam Loan App
          2012-279 Adot Tax Lien Assignment-Garcia
          2012-280 Adopt Tax Lien Assignment-Luppino
          2012-281 Adopt Tax Lien Assignment-Mosca
          2012-282 Resurfacing LaRue Road-Tilcon
          2012-283 Consent Agenda
          2012-284 Cancel Taxes
          2012-285 Refund Overpayments
          2012-286 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-287 Refund Recreation
          2012-288 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-289 Scala Cash Bond Release
          2012-290 Refund Other Liens
          2012-291 Payment of Bills 08-15-12
          2012-292 Accept Resignation Historic Pres-DAllesandro
          2012-293 Payment of Bills 08-15-12
          2012-294 Motion for Executive Session
          2012-295 Grant Application Municipal Alliance Committee
          2012-296 Grant Application WM Historical Preservation Comm
          2012-297 Interlocal Agreement With Bloomingdale-Registrar Services
          2012-298 Purchase of One Generator for Fire Company #6
          2012-299 Change of Title, Text or Amount of Appropriations
          2012-300 Interlocal Agreement With Bloomingdale- Health Officer
          2012-301 Treatment Works Application Marshall Hill Road
          2012-302 Contract Awarded to John Joseph, Inc. Hydraulic Hammer
          2012-303 Purchase of Rock Sale From Cargill, Inc.
          2012-304 Renewal of Pocket Plenary Retail Consumption Licenses
          2012-305 Approving the Payment of Bills
          2012-306 Approval Request of Special Item of Revenues and Appropriation
          2012-307 Requesting Change in Title, Text, or Amount of Appropriation
          2012-308 Costello Settlement
          2012-309 Dir Public Safety-Storbeck
          2012-310 Emergency Note Resolutions-$800,000
          2012-311 Bond Anticipation Note-$3,062,000
          2012-312 WM Equestrian Ctr-Farmland Preservation
          2012-313 Authorize Hepatitis Fund Gran Application
          2012-314 Endorse UGL Fire Co No 1 Loan Application
          2012-315 NJ Transit Terminate Lease-Accept Title
          2012-316 Catch Basins Contract
          2012-317 Crack Sealant Contract
          2012-318 Guide Rail Contract
          2012-319 Road Resurfacing Contract
          2012-320 Liquor Lic Transfer-Conditions-Anoll
          2012-321 Liq Lic Transfer With Conditions-Tuscanny
          2012-322 Pocket Liquor Lic Transfer-LaRocca
          2012-323 Consent Agenda
          2012-324 Refund Overpayments
          2012-325 Refund Other Liens
          2012-326 Refund Recreation
          2012-327 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-328 Payment of Bills 9-19-12
          2012-329 Executive Session 10-03-12
          2012-330 Support Sidewalk UVR
          2012-331 DOT Grant App Clinton Road
          2012-332 DOT Grant App Westbrook Road
          2012-333 DOT Grant App Cahill Cross Road
          2012-334 ROID Grant
          2012-335 Prof Serv Stewart Surveying
          2012-336 Award Contract Ice Control Aggregates
          2012-337 Award Contract Snow Plowing Services
          2012-338 Liq Lic Renewal Valley View
          2012-339 MJLM State Mandate State Pay
          2012-340 MJLM Legislators Not To Exempt Themselves
          2012-341 NJLM Extend Tax Appeal Deadline After Reval From May to Sep
          2012-342 NJLM Water Surcharge
          2012-343 Consent Agenda
          2012-344 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2012-345 Various 2012 Licenses
          2012-346 Payment of Bills 11-03-12
          2012-347 Accept Resignations Parks&Rec-Remia Beau Recycling Nolan
          2012-348 Prof Serv Pascrell Lobbyist
          2012-349 Pocket Liq Lic Transfer Brookside to Spirit Vreeland
          2012-350 Release Claim on County Funding for Greene Acquisition
          2012-351 Authorize Installation+Fuel System+State Contract
          2012-352 Consent Agenda
          2012-353 Cancel Taxes
          2012-354 Release Cash Bond-Czykier
          2012-355 Refund Clerks Office
          2012-356 Refund Health Dept Fee
          2012-357 Refund Other Liens
          2012-358 Refund Overpayments
          2012-359 Refund Recreation Fees
          2012-360 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-361 Payment of Bills 10-24-12
          2012-362 Various 2013 Licenses
          2012-363 Blue Acres-36 Louis Avenue
          2012-364 Accept Donation From PennacchioForEmergencyShelter
          2012-365 Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle
          2012-366 Changeover of Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles
          2012-367 Amend Personnel Policy-HealthBenes-AMENDED
          2012-368 Extension of Tax Due Date Hurricane Sandy
          2012-369 JCPL OR Winter Storm Response
          2012-370 Payment of Bills 11-7-12
          2012-371 Accept Resignation Beautification Recycling
          2012-372 Executive Session 11-28-12
          2012-373 Support Grant NY Susquehanna RR
          2012-374 Annual Meeting Notice
          2012-375 Cancel Grant Received DOT Traffic Light
          2012-376 Boulder Pond Tax Appeal
          2012-377 Purchase + Install Municipal Software
          2012-378 OEM 4x4 Vehicle
          2012-379 TWA World of Christ Crusade
          2012-380 Consent Agenda
          2012-381 Cancel Payroll Checks
          2012-382 Refund Health Dept Fee
          2012-383 Refund Other Liens
          2012-384 Refund Recreation
          2012-385 Cancel Taxes
          2012-386 Refund Overpayments
          2012-387 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-388 Payment of Bills 11-28-12
          2012-389 LOSAP 2012
          2012-390 Emergency Funding Hurricane Sandy
          2012-391 Current Fund Transfer
          2012-392 Solid Waste Transfer
          2012-393 Change Order Allied Oil
          2012-394 Prof Serv PrincetonHydro 2007-319h Grant
          2012-395 Prof Services Colaluce-Random Woods
          2012-396 Consent Agenda
          2012-397 Partial Refund Clerks Office Fee
          2012-398 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-399 Various 2013 Licenses
          2012-400 Payment of Bills 12-5-12
          2012-401 Executive Session 12-19-12
          2012-402 Prof Service-Streetscape Eng Ferriero
          2012-403 Prof Service Contract Acclaim Inventory
          2012-404 Prof Services Klepesch
          2012-405 Cancel Hurricane Irene Emergency Appropriations
          2012-406 Extend Habitat For Humanity Due Diligence Period
          2012-407 Anti-Idling
          2012-408 Consent Agenda
          2012-409 Cancel Lien Titles
          2012-410 Refund Escrow Funds
          2012-411 Refund Other Liens
          2012-412 Refund Overpayments
          2012-413 Refund Police Trust Acct
          2012-414 Reinstate Taxes
          2012-415 Cancel Outside Checks Payroll
          2012-416 Various 2013 Licenses
          2012-417 Payment of Bills 12-19-12
          2012-418 Current Fund Transfer
          2012-419 Ratify Teamsters 3310 Formerly Guild Contract
    Resolutions D 2011
          2011-001 Attorney Twp - Semrau
          2011-002 Special Consent Agenda 1-5-11
          2011-003 Re-Establish Autumn Lights Committee
          2011-004 Re-Establish Beautification Committee
          2011-005 Re-Establish Municipal Alliance CASA Committee
          2011-006 Re-Establish Economic Development Committee
          2011-007 Re-Establish Facilities Assessment Committee
          2011-008 Re-Establish Heritage Committee
          2011-009 Re-Establish Records Committee
          2011-010 Re-Establish Recycling Advisory Committee
          2011-011 Re-Establish Safety Committee
          2011-012 Re-Establish Transportation Advisory Committee
          2011-013 Re-Establish Council Liaison to City of Newark
          2011-014 Annual Meeting Notice
          2011-015 Signatures on Town Accounts
          2011-016 Newspapers
          2011-017 Cash Mgmt Plan-Updated For 2011
          2011-018 Collection of Taxes Hours
          2011-019 Rate of Interest-Taxes-Improvement Assessments
          2011-020 Certain Bills Be Paid Without Bill List
          2011-021 Petty Cash Updated For 2011
          2011-022 Temporary Budget 2011
          2011-023 Director of Finance-Goscicki
          2011-024 Twp Engineer Ferriero
          2011-025 NO ACTION TAKEN
          2011-026 NO ACTION TAKEN
          2011-027 Public Defender-Affinito
          2011-028 Public Defender D'Angelo
          2011-029 Auditor Ferraioli
          2011-030 HIF Commissioners-Fantry Administrator
          2011-031 JIF Comm Safety Delegates
          2011-032 Sustainable Energy Commissioners-Administrator
          2011-033 Deputy Alternate Registrar Rodda
          2011-034 Compliance Officier
          2011-035 PC Solid Waste Adv Appt
          2011-036 OEM
          2011-037 Steines Fire Commissioner
          2011-038 Prof Services Attorney Contract-Semrau
          2011-039 Prof Services Auditor Contract
          2011-040 Prof Services-Bond Counsel-Beinfield
          2011-041 Prof Services-Ferriero-Open Space Matters
          2011-042 NO ACTION TAKEN
          2011-043 DEFEATED
          2011-044 DEFEATED
          2011-045 Amended Prof Services-LandConservancyContract
          2011-046 Prof Services-Tax Maps
          2011-047 Prof Services-Tax Appeals-Scott Holtzhauer
          2011-048 Prof Services McGroarty Planning Consultant
          2011-049 Prof Services-Gilmartin-REHS-HD
          2011-050 Prof Services-Osias-REHS-HD
          2011-051 Prof Services-RiskMgmtConsult-PIA
          2011-052 Authorize Release of Executive Session Minutes
          2011-053 Caretaker Agmt-Ashley-Lopes
          2011-054 Interlocal CFO-Ogdensburg
          2011-055 Interlocal Bloomingdale Registrar
          2011-056 Various 2011 Licenses
          2011-057 Payment of Bills 1-5-11
          2011-058 Executive Session 1-5-11
          2011-059 Seek State Intervention To Improve Safety on Route 23
          2011-060 Exempt RUCT from CAP
          2011-061 Debt Service Should Not Be Excluded From CAP
          2011-062 Interim CFO Monica Goscicki
          2011-063 Amend Agmt With BOE For Turf Field
          2011-064 Peddlers License Roger Drew
          2011-065 Consent Agenda
          2011-066 Health Depart Fee Refund
          2011-067 Overpayments Refund
          2011-068 Refund Other Liens
          2011-069 Refund Recreation
          2011-070 Payment of Bills 1-19-11
          2011-071 Executive Session 1-19-11
          2011-072 TGP Agmt ROW Entry Agmt Pipeline Extension
          2011-073 Payment of Bills 2-2-11
          2011-074 Executive Session 2-2-11
          2011-075 WITHDRAWN
          2011-076 Authorize 2010 Payment To Scarinci Hollenbeck
          2011-077 Authorize 2010 Payment To Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri
          2011-078 Prof Services Labor Counsel Outstanding Matters Giacobbe
          2011-079 Award Contract Diesel MCCoop
          2011-080 Interim CFO Monica Goscicki
          2011-081 Agmt Lightpath-Telephone Services
          2011-082 Consent Agenda
          2011-083 Cancel Taxes
          2011-084 Overpayments Refund
          2011-085 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-086 Refund Other Liens
          2011-087 Refund Recreation
          2011-088 Reinstate Tax
          2011-089 Various 2011 Licenses
          2011-090 Payment of Bills 2-16-11
          2011-091 Temporary Budget 2011
          2011-092 Grant CDBG Phase III-Marshall Hill Road Sidewalks
          2011-093 Grant CDBG Road Resurfing Milling Pavement
          2011-094 Re-establish Beautification Recycling Task Force
          2011-095 Resolution S-2664-A-376
          2011-096 Payment of Bills 03-02-11
          2011-097 Special Emergency Resolution - Revaluation
          2011-098 Contract Appraisal Systems Revaluation
          2011-099 Bond Anticipation Resolution
          2011-100 Temporary Budget 2011-26.25%
          2011-101 Transfer Items Current Fund Appropriations
          2011-102 Authorizing Tax Title Lien Sale
          2011-103 Property Room Agreement
          2011-104 Agreement Meadowlink Community Cars Program
          2011-105 Professional Services Mackoff
          2011-106 Professional Services Landmark Appraisal
          2011-107 Professional Services Integra
          2011-108 Professional Services Holzhauer
          2011-109 NUMBER NOT USED
          2011-110 NUMBER NOT USED
          2011-111 Award Contract-Gasoline-MCCoop-Allied
          2011-112 Award Contract-PavingMaterials-MCCOOP-Tilcon
          2011-113 Award Contract-Bubbling Concession
          2011-114 Award Contract-A Ballfields DOnofrio
          2011-115 Award Contract B-Ballfields Pat Scanlan
          2011-116 Interim CFO-Monica Goscicki
          2011-117 Amend Gilmartin 2010 Contract
          2011-118 Submit-Accept-NJHOA Mini Grant
          2011-119 Brown's Point Boat Races
          2011-120 Liquor License Renewal w-Conditions Anoll
          2011-121 Zampella Bond Release
          2011-122 Consent Agenda
          2011-123 Cancel Taxes
          2011-124 Overpayments Refund
          2011-125 Overpayments Refund MUA
          2011-126 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-127 Refund Health Fee-Dog License
          2011-128 Refund Other Liens
          2011-129 Refund Recreation
          2011-130 Reinstate Tax
          2011-131 Various 2011 Licenses
          2011-132 Payments of Bills 3-16-11
          2011-133 2011 Municipal Budget Solid Waste Introduction
          2011-134 Settlement Tax Appeal 69 Maple
          2011-135 Prof Services Wastewater Mgmt Plan-Ferriero
          2011-136 Prof Services GIS-Ferriero
          2011-137 Prof Services Envirotactics
          2011-138 Prof Services Foundation Title-Apple Acres
          2011-139 Prof Services Escala-Costello Mediator
          2011-140 Award Contract Bikeway-New Prince Concrete
          2011-141 Liq Lic Transfer-reduction-S&S Liquors Amended
          2011-142 Consent Agenda
          2011-143 Payment of Bills 4-6-11
          2011-144 Accept Resignations ADA-Health BD
          2011-145 Executive Session 4-6-11
          2011-146 Defer School Taxes
          2011-147 Interlocal-Ogdensburg-CFO
          2011-148 Mulliance Alliance Grant
          2011-149 Authorize Filing For Tonnage Grant
          2011-150 Transportation Grant
          2011-151 NJ Transit-Terminate Lease & Authorize Lease-Buses
          2011-152 Marion Plaza TWA
          2011-153 Award Contract Road Materials
          2011-154 Scrap Metal Agreement
          2011-155 Stormwater Team
          2011-156 Consent Agenda
          2011-157 Overpayments Refund
          2011-158 Overpayments Refund - MUA
          2011-159 Refund Cash Bond
          2011-160 Refund Fee Admin
          2011-161 Refund Other Liens
          2011-162 Refund Perf Guarantees
          2011-163 Refund Personnel Fees
          2011-164 Refund Recreation
          2011-165 Various 2011 Licenses
          2011-166 Payment of Bills 4-20-11
          2011-167 Repeal Sick Leave Injury Program
          2011-168 CAP Attorney Fees For Public Entity Litigation
          2011-169 Amend Title 59 Immunity to Municipalities For Sidewalk Injuries
          2011-170 Amend Title 59 Strengthen Weather Immunity
          2011-171 Amend Title 59 Immunity For Beaches & Boardwalks
          2011-172 Consent Agenda
          2011-173 Payment of Bills 5-4-11
          2011-174 Accept Resignation MUA - Gervens
          2011-175 Read Budget By Title
          2011-176 Adopt 2011 Municipal Budget
          2011-177 Adopt 2011 Solid Waste Budget
          2011-178 Budget Self Exam
          2011-179 Support A3412 Share Assessment Appeal Burden
          2011-180 Disability ROID Grant
          2011-181 Transportation Grant
          2011-182 COPS Grant Pol Officers
          2011-183 UGL Fireworks
          2011-184 Prof Services Brody Updated Apparisal-352 Warwick Tpk
          2011-185 Authorize Shared Services Passaic County DPW Services
          2011-186 Award Contract Hydraulic Hammer-John Joseph
          2011-187 Consent Agenda
          2011-188 Refund Other Liens
          2011-189 Refund Overpayments
          2011-190 Refund Overpayments MUA
          2011-191 Refund Recreation Fees
          2011-192 Refund Construction Fees
          2011-193 Payment of Bills 5-18-11
          2011-194 OEM Steines
          2011-195 Deputy OEM Svrchek
          2011-196 Executive Session 5-18-11
          2011-197 Executive Session 05-18-11
          2011-198 No Action Taken
          2011-199 Fireworks State Application PAL
          2011-200 HPC Grant-Recycling-H1N1-WWMgmt-ADA
          2011-201 New Petty Cash Police Depart
          2011-202 Petty Cash Fund Administration Custodian
          2011-203 Petty Cash Fund Administration Finance
          2011-204 Petty Cash Fund Library Custodian
          2011-205 Petty Cash Fund Bubbling Springs Custodian
          2011-206 Petty Cash Fund Rec Custodian
          2011-207 Petty Cash Fund Change in Amount CS&R
          2011-208 Rescind A Petty Cash Fund
          2011-209 Prof Serv Piazzia Monitor COAH Obligations
          2011-210 Purchase Recreation Equipment State Contract
          2011-211 Eng Ferriero Emp to Prof Service
          2011-212 Liq License Renewal
          2011-213 Liquor Lic w/Conditions
          2011-214 Number Not Used
          2011-215 Payment of Bills 6-1-11
          2011-216 Fair Distribution of State Aid for Education
          2011-217 Chap 159 Emer Notification Sys
          2011-218 PAL Fireworks
          2011-219 Lanza Cash Bond Release
          2011-220 Liquor Lic Renewals
          2011-221 Liq Lic Renewals w/Conditions
          2011-222 Inactive Liq Lic Renewals w/Conditions
          2011-223 Pocket Liq Lic Renewals w/Conditions
          2011-224 Award Contract Traffice Signal Warwick Tpk
          2011-225 Award Contract Otterhole Road Section 2
          2011-226 PC Open Space Grant App Roller Hockey 2011
          2011-227 PC Open Space Grant App CYO Nozenzo Pond Park 2011
          2011-228 Consent Agenda
          2011-229 Refund Other Liens
          2011-230 Refund Overpayments
          2011-231 Refund Recreation
          2011-232 Reinstate Taxes
          2011-233 Payment of Bills 6-15-11
          2011-234 Executive Session 6-15-11
          2011-235 Prof Services-LaborCounsel-Giblin
          2011-236 Prof Services-Labor Counsel-Corrigan
          2011-237 Cultural Events Grant
          2011-238 Capital Budget Amendment
          2011-239 Cancel of Grant Rec and Approp Bal
          2011-240 Chapter 159 Revenues-Mass Transit
          2011-241 Award of Recreation Truck Contract
          2011-242 Payment of Bills 07-06-11
          2011-243 Accept Resignation-GWL Commission-Zarrillo
          2011-244 Extend Tax Date
          2011-245 Lease Agmt Farrell Field-JORBA
          2011-246 CDBG Accept Addl Funding
          2011-247 Prof Services Envirotactics-Wallisch
          2011-248 Chap159 Special Revenues
          2011-249 Amend Conract Bond Counsel
          2011-250 Change Order-DRMullen
          2011-251 Change Order For Police Construction Project
          2011-252 Tax Appeal-Aikey
          2011-253 Assign Tax Cert Intro-Curran
          2011-254 Liquor Lic Renewals-w-Conditions
          2011-255 Liquor Lic Renewal-Juliano
          2011-256 Liquor Lic Renewals
          2011-257 Consent Agenda
          2011-258 Refund Other Liens
          2011-259 Refund Overpayment Police
          2011-260 Refund Overpayment Tax
          2011-261 Refund Recreation
          2011-262 NUMBER NOT USED
          2011-263 Reinstate Tax
          2011-264 Payment of Bills 7-20-11
          2011-265 DEFEATED
          2011-266 Request Extension of 2008-2009 CDBG Grants
          2011-267 Change Title In Budget Account
          2011-268 DEFEATED
          2011-269 Payment of Bills 8-3-11
          2011-270 Recognizing A Vacancy-VanHooker-Heritage-Historic
          2011-271 Accept Resignation - Sr Advisory-Boettcher
          2011-272 Address MUA Concerns
          2011-273 CASA Grant
          2011-274 Library-TWA REV
          2011-275 Endorsed Ltr To Gov Regarding Flood Control
          2011-276 Amend Ferriero Contract
          2011-277 Amend MJB Berry Contract
          2011-278 Amend Ferraioli Contract
          2011-279 Prof Service Fox Architectural
          2011-280 Assign Tax Cert-Adoption-Curran
          2011-281 Award Contract Beam-GuideRail
          2011-282 Award Contract Crack Sealing-MCCOOP
          2011-283 Award Contract Road Resurfacing-MCCOOP
          2011-284 Award Contract MCCOOP-Police Vehicles
          2011-285 Liq Lic Transfer-Falciglia
          2011-286 Liq Lic Transfer-Uncorked Wines
          2011-287 Consent Agenda
          2011-288 Cancel Taxes
          2011-289 Cancel Taxes Foreclosures
          2011-290 Cancel Taxes Unknown
          2011-291 Cancel Tax Lien Certificates
          2011-292 Partial Refund Perf Guarantee
          2011-293 Refund Other Liens
          2011-294 Refund Overpayment
          2011-295 Refund Recreation
          2011-296 Refund Recreation No. 2
          2011-297 Reinstate Tax
          2011-298 Payment Of Bills 8-17-11
          2011-299 Sept 11 Remembrance
          2011-300 Establish Committee MUA-EPA-DEP
          2011-301 PCIA Solar Energy Program
          2011-302 BANS
          2011-303 Authorize Exec of Encroach Agmt with PC
          2011-304 Authorize Property Sale-PropertyRoom
          2011-305 Prof Serv McGroarty-Highlands Plan Conformance Grant
          2011-306 Award Contract Striping
          2011-307 Liquor Lic Renewals
          2011-308 Consent Agenda
          2011-309 Cancel Grant Balance H1N1 $9
          2011-310 Dup Tax Sale Certificate Res
          2011-311 Overpayment Refund Health
          2011-312 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-313 Payment of Bills 09-07-11
          2011-314 Support A-4126 Staturary Deadline
          2011-315 Oppose S-2950 A-4128 Modifications To LUA Approvals
          2011-316 S2795 A3835 Enforcement of Multiple Dwelling Law
          2011-317 Bikeway Application Resolution
          2011-318 Clinton Application Resolution
          2011-319 Otterhole Application Resolution
          2011-320 Apply for Hepatitis Inoculation Funds 2011
          2011-321 Amend Bond Counsel Contract
          2011-322 Renew Membership MCCOOP
          2011-323 Increase Fixed Asset Threshold to $5000
          2011-324 Corrective Action Plan 2009
          2011-325 Prof Serv Envirotactics
          2011-326 Award Contract Tilcon CDBG Grant UGL Roads
          2011-327 Chapter 159 CDBG Grant
          2011-328 Assignment of Tax Sale Cert Intro - Ryan
          2011-329 Assignment of Tax Sale Cert Intro-Garcia
          2011-330 Issuance of $1,000,000 Emergency Notes
          2011-331 Consent Agenda
          2011-332 Cancel Grant Funds
          2011-333 Cancel Taxes
          2011-334 Refund Duplicate App Fees
          2011-335 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-336 Refund Health Depart Fee
          2011-337 Refund Other Liens
          2011-338 Refund Overpayment
          2011-339 Refund Recreation
          2011-340 Reinstate Tax
          2011-341 Verizon Cash Bond Release
          2011-342 Payment of Bills 09-21-11
          2011-343 Accept Resignation Parks&Rec-Schimmenti
          2011-344 Support Possible Sale of MUA
          2011-345 DEFEATED
          2011-346 Change Charge Account Chilton
          2011-347 Change Charge Account Gilmartin
          2011-348 Change Charge Account Osias
          2011-349 Prof Service McGroarty Highlands Conformance
          2011-350 Grant JAG Pol Dept Amendment
          2011-351 Liquor Lic Renewal LaRocca
          2011-352 Consent Agenda
          2011-353 Refund Recreation
          2011-354 Payment of Bills 10-5-11
          2011-355 Executive Session 10-5-11
          2011-356 Cancellation of Funds
          2011-357 Oppose S2887 & A3992 Wind Generation on Farmland
          2011-358 Summary Audit Rpt For Publication
          2011-359 Certification & Group Affidavit of 2010 Audit
          2011-360 Annual Resolution for LOSAP
          2011-361 Tabled to Unspecified Date
          2011-362 Assign Tax Cert Adop Garcia
          2011-363 Assign Tax Cert Adop Ryan
          2011-364 Green Acres Project Amendment
          2011-365 NJ Transit Terminated Lease of Vehicle
          2011-366 Agreement EZ Car Titles
          2011-367 Award Contract Ice Control Aggregates
          2011-368 Award Contract Rock Salt
          2011-369 Liquor Lic Transfer S&S
          2011-370 Liquor Lic Renewal Saagar
          2011-371 Consent Agenda
          2011-372 Cancel Taxes
          2011-373 Partial Refund Perf Guarantee
          2011-374 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-375 Refund Other Liens
          2011-376 Refund Overpayment
          2011-377 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2011-378 Refund Recreation
          2011-379 Reinstate Tax
          2011-380 Various 2011 License
          2011-381 Payment of Bills 10-19-11
          2011-382 Accept Resignation Park&Rec Curving
          2011-383 Purchase Covert Video Sys for PD
          2011-384 Award Contract Snow Plow Services
          2011-385 Cancel of Grant Rec & Approp Bal
          2011-386 Payment of Bills 11-02-11
          2011-387 Executive Session 11-02-11
          2011-388 MUA No Action Taken
          2011-389 Support S-3062 Cable TV Deregulation
          2011-390 Corrective Action Plan 2010
          2011-391 Chilton Hospital Services
          2011-392 DPW Truck Purchase State Contract-1
          2011-393 DPW Truck Purchase State Contract-2
          2011-394 DPW Truck Purchase State Contract-3
          2011-395 DPW Truck Purchase State Contract-4
          2011-396 Amend Contract-Corrigan
          2011-397 Tabled to 12-7-11 WS Mtg
          2011-398 Consent Agenda
          2011-399 Cancel Taxes
          2011-400 Refund Escrow Funds
          2011-401 Refund Other Liens
          2011-402 Refund Overpayment
          2011-403 Refund Overpayment Police
          2011-404 Refund Perf Guarantee
          2011-405 Reinstate Tax
          2011-406 Various 2012 Licenses
          2011-407 Payment of Bills 11-9-11
          2011-408 Animals Grant
          2011-409 Transfer Items Current Fund Appropriations
          2011-410 Accept Transportation Grant
          2011-411 Special Emergency Appropriations Hurricanes Irene-Lee
          2011-412 Additional Members for LOSAP
          2011-413 Cancel Escrow to General Fund
          2011-414 Ch 159 Revenue Police Drive Sober Grant
          2011-415 Ch 159 Revenue Transportation Grant
          2011-416 Police Savin Copier
          2011-417 ProfServicesAmendAuditorContract
          2011-418 Inactive Liq Lic Renewal w-conditions
          2011-419 Pocket Liq Lic Renewal-Brookside Gourmet
          2011-420 Various 2012 Licenses
          2011-421 Refund Recreation
          2011-422 Consent Agenda
          2011-423 Payment of Bills 12-7-11
          2011-424 Accept Resignation-MUA-Treadway
          2011-425 Executive Session 12-07-11
          2011-426 Passaic County No Cost Time Extension
          2011-427 Agreement for Acquisition of Lakeshore&Warwick Tpk-Anjo
          2011-428 Amend 457 DeferredCompPlan-Dec-2011
          2011-429 Annual Meeting Notice 2012
          2011-430 Transfer Current Funds Appropirations
          2011-431 AuthorizeSale-PropertyRoom
          2011-432 Prof Services-TaxForeclosure #30-Klepesch
          2011-433 Award Contract Ballfields Ehrmann
          2011-434 Award Scrap Metal
          2011-435 Change Order New Prince-BikewaySection3
          2011-436 Liq Lic Transfer-LaRocca
          2011-437 Consent Agenda
          2011-438 Cancel Taxes
          2011-439 Cancel Tax Liens
          2011-440 Cancel Twp Check
          2011-441 Refund Other Liens
          2011-442 Refund Overpayment
          2011-443 Reinstate Tax
          2011-444 Various 2012 Licenses
          2011-445 Payment of Bills 12-21-11
          2011-446 Executive Session TABLED until January
Community Services & Recreation View Archived
    Community Services & Recreation - Fall Programs
2012 Fall Brochure
          Recreation Fall Programs
          Senior Fall Programming
Fall Programming for Senior Citizens
          A New Registration form
This form is to be used for Community Services & Recreation programs
    Community Services & Recreation - Summer Programs
Current Summer Program Offerings
          2014 Recreation Summer brochure
          A New Registration form
Universal Registration form to be used for recreation programs
    Community Services & Recreation - Winter Programs
Current Winter Program Offerings
          Senior Services Winter Program Offerings
Office of Older Adult Services winter program and services offerings
          Winter Programs
    Community Services & Recreation Information
This section contains information about permitting Township fields, parks and Hillcrest rooms
          Browns Point Permit
          Bubbling Springs Permit
          Field Permit
          Golden Heart Sponsorship Information
Become a sponsor for our seniors.
          Hillcrest Community Center Permit
          Hold Harmless
          Registration Guidelines and ADA Statement
          Teen Center Permit
This form is to be filled out for non-civic or school groups
          Teen Center Permit for School/Civic Groups
This form is to be filled out for school and civic groups only
          Teen Center Saturday Nights for grades 6-8
Informational flier for Teen Center for Grades 6-8
          Township Annual Halloween Parade Flier
Annual Parade and Trunk Or Treat October 25, 2014
          Township Recreational Facilities
          Wallisch Estate Permit
          West Milford Township Fall Community Calendar page 2
          West Milford Township Fall Community Calendar page 1
Page 1 of the Fall activity/event calendar
          West Milford Township Fall Community Calendar page 3
          Westbrook Park Permit
          Mt. Laurel Skate Park Permit
Please fill out the application and return it along with your $2.00 application fee to the Recreation Department at 1810 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480. You must wear the permit on your helmet when using the skate part. If you mail or drop off the application we will mail the permit back to you upon receipt of completed application and fee. For additional information call 973-728-2860
          School Dude Instructions
Instructions for requesting field or Hillcrest building use
          Vendor Hold Harmless
This Hold Harmless is to be used by vendors providing a service or selling goods
    Red Flag Field Condition Information
Go to this site for updated information on which field are closed for use
          2012-398 Refund Escrow Funds
          2013-094 Support S-280 School Funding
    Transportation Information
Township of West Milford Transportation Information
          West Milford Bus Schedule
    West Milford Municipal Alliance - C.A.S.A.
Information and forms regarding community awareness on drugs, alcohol and violence, teen events etc.
          Marijuana Candy
          Registration-Permission Form for Grades 6-8 for Teen Center
This form must be filled out for any West Milford student in grades 6-8 who wish to attend the Teen Center on Saturday Nights.
          Teen Center Committee Form
Have a say in what happens at the Teen Center and more!
          Teen Center Flier for Grades 6-8
Information for Saturday nights at the Teen Center for grades 6-8
          CASA Youth Page
Youth Page listing teen events and other important information
DPW - Recycling & Solid Waste View Archived
    Recycling Department Information
This section contains Recycling Department Information.
          2014 Recycling & Solid Waste Flyer
2014 Recycling & Solid Waste Flyer
          Recycling Zones Map
Recycling Zones Map
Environmental Commission View Archived
    Environmental Commission Information
NJDEP Update - Spring 2014 - Black Bear Management
          Community Forestry Management Plan - West Milford Township
Community Forestry Management Plan - September 2014
NJ Dept. of Agriculture has issued an alert: The Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in Somerset County, NJ. Residents are encouraged to check any ash trees located on their properties for signs of infestation.
          Help Find Wild Hazelnuts
Locate wild hazelnuts in the community and assist with the Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium, a project with the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information, go to arborday.org/wildhazelnuts
          Invasive Species Survey - West Milford C.F.M.P.
          On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Management Plan for West Milford
Final report (without Appendices) of the OWTS Management Plan developed by Princeton Hydro through a grant provided by the NJDEP.
          Shade Tree Ordinance-500-84
          Waterfowl Ordinance
Ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl on lands or waterways located in the Township of West Milford. Effective May 10, 2011.
          West Milford Township Tree Ordinances
          Wildlife Guardians Project
Wildlife Guardians Project - Volunteers needed to survey transects of roads weekly to document wildlife crossings or road kill. Collaborative project with the NJDEP.
          2010 Annual Report of the WM Environmental Commission
          A Homeower's Guide to Septic Systems
Everything you always wanted to know...
          After the Storm
A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater.
          An Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Guide
Protection for streams and reservoirs begins in your backyard.
          Backyard Leaf Composting
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Clean Water for Our Town
A residents' checklist for clean water.
          Clean Water Raingers
A coloring book for the kids.
          Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of West Milford Township
Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey - November 26, 2003 (Approx. 5.11 MB)
          Forest Restoration Project at Apshawa Preserve
The New Jersey Conservation Foundation has embarked on a 300-acre forest restoration fencing project to exclude deer at the Apshawa Preserve in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey in order to reduce the overabundant deer population and assist the forest to be resilient to the threats posed by surbanbanization, non-native plants, pathogens, insect invaders, and climate change.
          Home Composting
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Household Hints for Clean Water
An EPA brochure with easy to follow suggestions on how to help keep our water clean.
          Minimizing Waste Disposal: Grass Clippings
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Pest Alert - Emerald Ash Borer
Information on the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that is threatening to destroy ash trees and has been discovered to be moving from state to state primarily through firewood from infected areas.
          Septic System Installations
A message from your Township of West Milford Department of Health.
          Tips for saving water
Water conservation is important for the protection of our drinking water resources.
          Using Leaf Compost
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Vermicomposting (Worm Composting)
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          What is Ground Water?
A DEP brochure explaning ground water, the water cycle, and water conservation.
          What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?
And where does it come from?
          What's a watershed?
Can you find your watershed "address"?
          Yard Trimmings Management Strategies
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
    West Milford Lake Grant Project
          Scenario #1
Possible option #1 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          Scenario #2
Possible option #2 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          Scenario #3
Possible option #3 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          West Milford Lake Dam Removal Survey
          West Milford Lake Final Report
The final report from the West Milford Environmental Commission study of West Milford Lake, funded in part from an Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission Smart Growth Planning Grant. (12.4 MB)
Finance - Tax Assessor's Office View Archived
    Tax Assessor's Office Information
This section contains Tax Assessor's Office Information.
          Hurricane Sandy Assessment Review Form
This form is to be submitted to the Tax Assessor's Office to report material damage to your property as a result of Hurricane Sandy.
Finance - Tax Collector's Office View Archived
    Tax Collector Information
          West Milford Township Tax Sale Packet
West Milford Township Tax Sale Packet
Finance - Treasury View Archived
    Finance - Annual Audit
          2011 Annual Audit
This document comprises the Annual Audit for 2011.
          2012 Annual Audit
This document comprises the Annual Audit for 2012.
          2013 Annual Audit
This document comprises the Annual Audit for 2013.
    Finance - Annual Debt Statement
          2012 Annual Debt Statement
This document comprises the Annual Debt Statement for 2012.
          2013 Annual Debt Statement
This document comprises the Annual Debt Statement for 2013.
    Finance - Annual Financial Statement
          2012 Annual Financial Statement
This document comprises the Annual Financial Statement for 2012.
          2013 Annual Financial Statement
This document comprises the Annual Financial Statement for 2013.
    Finance - Bill List
This section contains only the most current bill list.
          Bill List
The most current bill list.
    Finance - Budget
This section contains Budget Information.
          2010 Municipal Budget
This document comprises the 2010 Municipal Budget as amended and adopted on August 18, 2010.
          2010 Solid Waste Collection Budget
This document comprises the 2010 Solid Waste Collection Municipal Budget as amended and adopted August 18, 2010.
          2011 Municipal and Solid Waste Budgets
This document comprises the Municipal and Solid Waste Budgets for 2011 adopted on May 18, 2011.
          2012 Municipal Budget
This document comprises the Municipal Budget for 2012 adopted on May 29, 2012.
          2012 Solid Waste Budget
This document comprises the Solid Waste Budget for 2012 adopted on May 29, 2012.
          2013 Municipal Budget
This document comprises the Municipal Budget for 2013 adopted on May 1, 2013.
          2013 Solid Waste Budget
This document comprises the Solid Waste Budget for 2013 adopted on May 1, 2013.
          2014 Municipal Budget
This document comprises the Municipal Budget for 2014 adopted on June 4, 2014.
          2014 Solid Waste Budget
This document comprises the Solid Waste Budget for 2014 adopted on June 4, 2014.
Fire Prevention Bureau View Archived
    Public Safety - Fire Prevention Information
Fire Prevention Information
          Application for Fire Permit
Application for Fire Permit (including ALF applications)
NJ Department of Environmental Protection Forest Fire Service Application for Recreational Fire Permit (NJ Forest Fire Andover Office phone 973-786-6350)
          Residential Fire Safety Certification (rev 1/8/14)
Residential Fire Safety Certification (instructions for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher, and house numbers - inspection for any change of occupancy)
          House Numbering for Residential Fire Safety Certification
House numbering is required as part of the Residential Fire Safety Certification.
          Smoke Detector Location
Where to locate smoke detectors
          Smoke Detector/CO Detector/Fire Exting/House Numbering
See Residential Fire Safety Certification document revised 1/8/2014 for proper information.
Health - Animal Control View Archived
    Health - Animal Control Information
This section contains Animal Control Program Information.
          2014 Dog License Application
2014 Dog License Application
          2014/2015 Cat License Application
2014/2015 Cat License Application
Health - Environmental View Archived
    Health - Environmental Information
This section contains Environmental Health forms.
          Site Plan Tracker - Health
Site Plan Tracker - Health
          Application of Inquiry Request Form
Application of Inquiry Request Form
          Engineers List
          Youth Camp Guideline and Proposed Standards
Proposed Youth Camp Safety Standards
Health - Nursing View Archived
    Health - Nursing Information
This section contains Nursing Division forms.
          Swine Flu - How to Care For Sick People at Home
How to Care for Sick People at Home
Museum View Archived
    Tennis Tournament
          2015 WM Museum Tennis Tournament Entry Form
23rd Annual West Milford Museum Tennis Tournament Entry Form - June 13 & 14, 2015
    West Milford Museum Information
West Milford Museum Information
          West Milford Museum Brochure New
Office of Emergency Management View Archived
    Public Safety - Office of Emergency Management
Public Safety - Office of Emergency Management (OEM) information
          Hurricane Sandy Health & Well-being Assessment Survey
The Passaic County Health Dept. as part of a grant is required to have the attached survey completed by individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please return to the Passaic County EOM office by email – pcoem@passaiccountynj.org or fax it to 973-904-3843 by April 18th. Thank you again for your anticipated assistance in this matter.
          FEMA-News Release-Mold
Mold Can Be a Danger After Flooding
Planning View Archived
    Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act
Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act
          Highlands Preservation Area Master Plan Element 09-27-12 Public Hearing Overview-West Milford
          Highlands Preservation Area Master Plan Element Doc-West Milford-09-27-12
          Highlands Preservation Area Master Plan Element MAPS-West Milford-06-18-12
          Draft Highlands Element Module 5 - Verbatim Minutes of First Public Meeting - 08-27-09
          DRAFT Model Highlands Element For Municipal Master Plans-Module 5 - Revised 9-1-09
Draft Master Plan Supplement - Prepared by the State of New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council in Support of the Highlands Regional Master Plan, and Charles T. McGroarty, P.P., AICP of Banisch Associates. Send comments on this document to PlanningBoard@WestMilford.org.
          Draft Model Highlands Preservation Area Land Use Ordinance For Municipalities-Module 6
Draft Prepared by the State of New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council in Support of the Highlands Regional Master Plan, and Charles T. McGroarty, P.P., AICP of Banisch Associates. Send comments on this document to PlanningBoard@WestMilford.org.
          DRAFT West Milford Module 5 Maps
Model Highlands Element for Municipal Master Plans - West Milford Module 5 Maps *ATTENTION: LARGE FILE (APPROX 54 MB) May take several minutes to download file
          Highlands Exemptions - P.L. 2004, Chapter 120 and N.J.A.C. 7:38
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 3 - Random Woods
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 3 - Stanford Village Consistency Report
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 3 - Valley Ridge Consistency Report
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 3 - WM Housing Petition Info
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 4 - Draft Environmental Resource Inventory
          Highlands Petition for Plan Conformance - Module 5 - Draft Highlands Master Plan Element - October 2009
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 6 - Draft Highlands Land Use Regulation
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 7 - Checklist & Implementation Schedule
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Module 7 - Draft West Milford Self Assessment Report
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Planning & Regulatory Document List
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Planning Board Agenda
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Preservation Area Resolution
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Public Comments
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Publilc Notice
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Submission Cover Letter
          Highlands Petition For Plan Conformance - Submittal Checklist
          Letter Transmitting Draft Module 5 - 09-01-09
          Memo to Planning Board - Mod 5 - Excerpts-08-27-09
          Memo to Planning Board - Mod 5 - 08-26-09
          Memo to Planning Board - Mod 5 - Definitions - 08-31-09
    Planning - GIS Map Gallery
This section contains maps created by the Township's Planning Department GIS.
          1997 Natutral Resource Inventory
This document was prepared in 1997 with the aid of a grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Environmental Services. (Approx. 14.8 MB)
          Airport Hazard Zone
This map overlays the Airport Hazard Zone on to NJ DEP aerial photography from 1995/97.
          Official Township of West Milford Zoning Map
The official Township of West Milford Zoning Map as updated on January 11, 2008. (Approx. 1MB)
    Planning Department Information
          Planning Director's Report on Highlands Council Regional Master Plan-02-02-2007
Planning Director's Report to Township Council regarding the Highlands Council Regional Master Plan. February 2, 2007
          Zoning Board of Adjustment - 2004 Anuual Report
Zoning Board of Adjustment - 2004 Anuual Report for January - December 2004
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2005 Annual Report
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2006 Annual Report
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2007 Annual Report
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2008 Annual Report
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2009 Annual Report
          Zoning Board of Adjustment 2010 Annual Report to Mayor and Council
Planning - Building Division View Archived
    Building - Guides & Handouts
This section contains handy guides and handouts for popular projects.
          New Sign Ordinance 8/5/2011
          Retaining Wall Handout
          Swimming Pool Guide
          Temporary Outdoor Commercial Sales Event Permit-Farmers Market Application
          Woodstove Installation Guide
          ACQ Pressure Treated Wood Warning
This handout covers new rules for use of the ACQ Treated Wood used in decks and outdoor projects
          Application for Zoning Permit
          Deck Construction Guide
          Egress Window Requirements
This guide details the code requirements of Egress Windows in sleeping rooms.
          Energy Code Perscriptive Package Chart
          Garden and Tool Sheds
This guide has Zoning and Building Code requirements for garden and tool sheds.
          Guide for your Building Permit Application
          Numbering Of Buildings
          Prescriptive Package Worksheet
          Radon Systems for New Homes
This guide details requirements for passive radon ventilation systems for new residential and educational buildings.
          Smoke Detectors
This guide has requirements for smoke detectors in new homes and additions.
    Building Department Information
This section contains Building Departmenet Information.
          Site Plan Tracker - Zoning
Site Plan Tracker - Zoning
Planning Board View Archived
    Master Plan
Progress associated with a new West Milford Master Plan.
          Highlands Preservation Area Master Plan Element-West Milford-09-27-12
          Highlands Preservation Area Master Plan MAPS-West Milford-06-18-12
          Land Use Plan Element Draft - December 2014
Draft Land Use Plan Element of the Township of West Milford Master Plan - December 2014
          Open Space Plan - Addendum to Greenway and Prioritization Plan
Open Space Plan-Addendum to Greenway and Prioritization Plan 2008
          Brownfields 03/17/04
Initial contact with Ms. Deborah Hoffman, Director of Passaic County Department of Economic Development re: Passaic County Brownfields Commission.
          Brownfields 05/11/05
Michael Tfank thanks Ms. Hoffman and the Passaic County Brownfields Commission for their May 5, 2005 presentation to the West Milford Planning Board.
          Church Wall 04/05/06
The Planning Board Chairman writes to the Passaic County Engineer re: the Planning Board's concerns, including the lack of pedestrian improvements, on the Wall Rehabilitation Project at the Presbyterian Church in the center of Town.
          Circulation Element 04/27/05
The West Milford Planning Director writes Passaic County Director of Planning confirming discussion at the Highlands Council Staff meeting of April 4, 2005 regarding improved shoulders on County roads.
          Circulation Element 05/13/05
From the Planning Board Chairman to the Passaic County Engineer Re: Shoulder improvements to County roads.
          Draft Amendment to Master Plan - Land Use Plan Element 2010
          West Milford Draft Housing Element & Fair Share Plan 05-27-10
Draft Housing Element and Fair Share Plan to be reviewed by the Planning Board at a Public Hearing on May 27, 2010 at 7:30pm at the West Milford Town Hall, 1480 Union Valley Road, West Milford, NJ 07480.
          West Milford Township Master Plan - May 1987
West Milford Township Master Plan, May 1987, with re-examination reports from 1993, 1999, 2003.
          West Milford Township Master Plan Re-examination Report - October 2010
Re-examination Report of the West Milford Township Master Plan, October 2010.

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