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The Forms & Documents Center provides you on-line access to forms, guides, handouts, documents, and other various information sources used in your town's business. This information may be in a PDF printable format for printing only, or an interactive format that will accept online data entry, so that you may complete the form online and transmit it to the town for processing. In either instance, the forms are available immediately to you anywhere that you have access to the internet. 

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    Environmental Commission Information
NJDEP Update - Spring 2014 - Black Bear Management
          Community Forestry Management Plan 06-24-15- West Milford Township
Community Forestry Management Plan 06-24-15
NJ Dept. of Agriculture has issued an alert: The Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in Somerset County, NJ. Residents are encouraged to check any ash trees located on their properties for signs of infestation.
Updated information on the Emerald Ash Borer May 2018
          Gypsy Moth - Asian
Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) in North America
          Gypsy Moth Origin
Origin of the gypsy moth in North America
          Gypsy Moths With Fungal Disease
Fungal Disease of the Gypsy Moth in North America
          Help Find Wild Hazelnuts
Locate wild hazelnuts in the community and assist with the Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium, a project with the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information, go to arborday.org/wildhazelnuts
          Invasive Species Survey - West Milford C.F.M.P.
          On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Management Plan for West Milford
Final report (without Appendices) of the OWTS Management Plan developed by Princeton Hydro through a grant provided by the NJDEP.
          Shade Tree Ordinance-500-84
Updated information on the Spotted Lanternfly threatening our trees.
          Stormwater Management Regulations-NJAC 7:8
Stormwater Management Regulations
          Stormwater Mgt-Municipal Program NJAC 7:14A-25
Municipal Stormwater Program - State Statutes
          Stormwater Mgt-MunicOff-Nonstructural-Questionnaire
Stormwater Mgt. - Municipal Official Nonstructural Strategies Questionnaire
          Stormwater-Nonstructural Strategies
Stormwater-Nonstructural Strategies Checklist
          Stormwater-Water Resources Contact Info
Stormwater Resources Contact Info
The Trails Master Plan was developed by the WM Environmental Commission with funds provided through a Smart Growth Planning Grant from ANJEC, and with the assistance of Banisch Associates, NY/NJ Trail Conference and several other local recreational and environmental organizations. The document is a compilation of hiking, biking, and multi use trails within the Township's borders that form an interconnected network to provide a green and sustainable infrastructure for resident and tourist mobility. The Inventory of Trails will be updated periodically when new trails are created or become accessible.
          Waterfowl Ordinance
Ordinance prohibiting the feeding of waterfowl on lands or waterways located in the Township of West Milford. Effective May 10, 2011.
          West Milford Township Tree Ordinances
          Wildlife Guardians Project
Wildlife Guardians Project - Volunteers needed to survey transects of roads weekly to document wildlife crossings or road kill. Collaborative project with the NJDEP.
          2010 Annual Report of the WM Environmental Commission
          A Homeower's Guide to Septic Systems
Everything you always wanted to know...
          After the Storm
A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater.
          An Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Guide
Protection for streams and reservoirs begins in your backyard.
          Backyard Leaf Composting
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Clean Water for Our Town
A residents' checklist for clean water.
          Clean Water Raingers
A coloring book for the kids.
          Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of West Milford Township
Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey - November 26, 2003 (Approx. 5.11 MB)
          Forest Restoration Project at Apshawa Preserve
The New Jersey Conservation Foundation has embarked on a 300-acre forest restoration fencing project to exclude deer at the Apshawa Preserve in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey in order to reduce the overabundant deer population and assist the forest to be resilient to the threats posed by surbanbanization, non-native plants, pathogens, insect invaders, and climate change.
          Home Composting
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Household Hints for Clean Water
An EPA brochure with easy to follow suggestions on how to help keep our water clean.
          Minimizing Waste Disposal: Grass Clippings
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Pest Alert - Emerald Ash Borer
Information on the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that is threatening to destroy ash trees and has been discovered to be moving from state to state primarily through firewood from infected areas.
          Septic System Installations
A message from your Township of West Milford Department of Health.
          Tips for saving water
Water conservation is important for the protection of our drinking water resources.
          Using Leaf Compost
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          Vermicomposting (Worm Composting)
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
          What is Ground Water?
A DEP brochure explaning ground water, the water cycle, and water conservation.
          What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?
And where does it come from?
          What's a watershed?
Can you find your watershed "address"?
          Yard Trimmings Management Strategies
A fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
    West Milford Lake Grant Project
          Scenario #1
Possible option #1 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          Scenario #2
Possible option #2 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          Scenario #3
Possible option #3 for discussion prepared by consultant Princeton Hydro
          West Milford Lake Dam Removal Survey
          West Milford Lake Final Report
The final report from the West Milford Environmental Commission study of West Milford Lake, funded in part from an Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission Smart Growth Planning Grant. (12.4 MB)

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