JUNE 2018

Eric Miller, Supervising Engineering Aide



A map was prepared to accompany the road assessment petition report submitted to Administration.  Additional parcel layer revisions were completed and integrated into the Spatial Data Logic system utilized by application review departments.


Three (3) initial, single-family, residential lot development plans were reviewed for compliance with Section 110-4 of the Township Code and any applicable Board resolutions.  One (1) as-built / final plan was reviewed, inspected and approved.  All lot development plan review results are entered into the “Spatial Data Logic” system.  The results are also posted for public consumption within the Engineering Division section of the Township’s website ( under the Lot Development Plan Tracker.


A meeting was attended with the Township Administrator to discuss a road assessment petition received.  A report, recommending how to address petitions under the newly revitalized “worst/first” project selection was drafted and submitted to Administration.


A Snow Committee meeting was attended with a representative from the brine supplier to discuss application procedures and product performance throughout last winter.  The upcoming winter contract snowplowing specifications were also discussed.  Draft specifications were prepared and submitted to DPW and Administration for review.


A draft resolution was prepared and submitted to Administration for the release of the performance bond posted for the public improvements portion of this new residential subdivision off of Wooley Road.


  • Technical assistance, regarding lot development plans, storm drainage issues, active construction projects, flood zones, right-of-way issues, etc. was provided to concerned residents on 39 occasions.Field inspections, photographs, reports and/or follow up were required for 12 of these issues.
  • Technical assistance was provided, for various issues, to other departments on 98 occasions.
  • Twenty nine large format maps were printed for $5.00 each.Three no-charge map copies were made for other Township Departments, Boards and Committees.
  • File research, map copies and/or information were provided to professionals on 9 occasions.
  • Assistance was provided to builders, contractors and utilities on 7 occasions.
  • One deposition was attended for litigation pertaining to a motor vehicle accident.
  • Testimony was observed and provided for ongoing litigation on three occasions in Paterson.
  • One department head meeting was attended.
  • Two field meetings were attended with the Construction Official for violations at commercial sites.Minutes and maps were prepared and submitted to attendees and Administration.
  • Consulting Township Engineer vouchers reviewed on one occasion.
  • A meeting was attended with a communications vendor and the Network Administrator to discuss options for connectivity of the former Library.
  • One Zoning Board application was reviewed for possible conflicts with Township infrastructure and/or potential future projects.
  • An in-house construction strategy meeting was held between DPW and Engineering staff.
  • One additional property was reviewed for the Township property sale.
  • One Minor Soil Permit was reviewed, inspected and approved.
  • Six (6) Street Excavation Permits were reviewed and forwarded for processing.
  • One O.P.R.A. request was researched and reported to the Clerk’s Office.
  • Two Temporary General outdoor Permits were reviewed and forwarded.
  • Asphalt core samples, required by NJDOT, were completed for Ridge Road – Section 3, Contract 4 and the results meet regulatory standards.
  • An inspection was made of existing drainage infrastructure for the Harrison, Jefferson, Walnut and Paul road assessment project.
  • A maintenance bond inspection was completed for contracted improvements completed under the 2015 Sediment Control Retrofit Program.
  • 2017 Road Resurfacing Program punch list repair items were added to the Mobile 311 system for completion by DPW staff.




Regular status updates are being provided by the Passaic County Engineering Department for the pending six month road closure required for the replacement of the failing bridge.  The current information indicates that the road closure and old bridge demolition will begin in early July.


Full time paving inspection was provided for the new porous pavement parking lot. This project includes soccer field revitalization, paved parking lot with lighting and fenced dog area and is being partially funded by a Passaic County Open Space and Farmland Preservation grant.


Field survey and design work has been completed for the resurfacing of the entire length of Reservoir Road.  As soon as the construction plans and specifications are completed the project will be advertised for the receipt of bids.  This project is being partially funded by a $250,000 State Aid grant.


Having received approval from NJDOT Local Aid and Soil Conservation, the project was advertised for the receipt of bids on June 29th.  The apparent low bid will be recommended for a construction contract based on review by the Township Attorney and Local Aid at the July 11th Governing Body meeting.  The reconstruction of this final section of Ridge Road between Vreeland Road and Baron Road is being partially funded by a $248,228 State Aid grant.


Technical assistance continues to be provided to DPW staff for previously designed site work and grading to follow up on the 2017 contracted building construction.


The CFO has advised that the Governing Body intends to authorize $1,000,000 in capital funds for this year’s program.  A list of roads was generated and submitted for inclusion in the capital ordinance scheduled for introduction in July.