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2/26/13 – MVA – Cahill Cross Road
#1 – Chris Bais, West Milford, age 47
#2 – Michael Vanbrunt, West Milford, age 54
Bais was traveling west on Cahill Cross Road preparing to make a left hand turn onto Ridge Road.  Vanbrunt was traveling north on Ridge Road.  Vanbrunt traveled through the intersection without stopping at the stop sign and struck Bais in the driver side door.   Vanbrunt stated that he couldn’t stop because he slid through the intersection on gravel. 
No injuries reported.
P.O. James Fulton
2/26/13 – Theft – Rolling Ridge Road
Homeowner reported that between August 2012 and November 2012 several jewelry items have gone missing.  Homeowner noticed the jewelry missing approximately the 3rd week of November 2012.  Value of missing jewelry approximately $2000.  Case is under investigation.
P.O. Donald Fantasia
2/26/13 – MVA – Route 23
#1 – Lenore Saladeen, Stockholm, age 60
#2 – Robert Patterson, Glenwood, age 62
Saladeen was stopped in traffic northbound on Route 23.  Patterson was also traveling northbound on Route 23.  Patterson struck the rear of Saladeens vehicle, causing minor damage to the rear bumper.  No injuries reported.
P.O. Stephen Stratton
2/26/13 – MVA – Union Valley Road
#1 – Alonso Castano, Jackson Heights, NY, age 53
#2 – Kenneth Koleser, West Milford, age 45
Castano was traveling east on Union Valley Road near the intersection of Monmouth Drive.  Castano stated he skidded on the slick roadway when he applied his brakes.  Castano slid off the roadway to the right and crashed into Koleser, which was stopped at the stop sign on Monmouth at Union Valley Road.  Castano was issued a summons for careless driving.  No reported injuries.
P.O. Charles McQuaid
2/27/13 – Possession of CDS – Lakeshore Drive
Lisa J. Novak, Hewitt, age 49
On 2/27/13 at approximately 8:48am, P.O. Nicholas Snook and P.O. Jill Brickman responded to Lakeshore Drive for an ambulance request of a possible drug overdose.  Upon their arrival officers observed Novak to be unconscious.  3 glassine bags with a white residue (suspected heroin) were observed.  Novak was transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital by WMFAS #49.  Novak was charged with Possession of CDS and Possession with the intent to use.  Novak was given a court date of 3/7/13.
P.O. Nicholas Snook
2/27/13 – Theft – Eatontown Road
Resident at the above location reported that sometime between January 1, 2013 and February 2, 2013 an unknown person removed $300 worth of copper fittings from a makeshift garage located at the above location.
P.O. Jill Brickman
2/22/13 – MVA – Highlander Drive
#1 – Maureen Quinones, West Milford, age 55
#2 – Laura Katona, West Milford, age 51
Quinones was pulling into the West Milford High School parking lot.  She stated she slowed down almost to a stop because of traffic.  Katona was backing out of a parking space to re-adjust her vehicle and struck the rear quarter panel on the passenger side of Quinones vehicle.  Katona was issued a summons for Suspended Drivers License.
P.O. Jill Brickman
2/22/13 – MVA – Warwick Turnpike
#1 – Jessica Pierre, Hewitt, age 36
#2 – Jake Kasper, Hewitt, age 69
Pierre stopped at the stop sign for traffic.  Kasper hit Pierre in the rear.  Kasper stated he was watching passing traffic and did not see Pierre.  Minor damage to both vehicles.  Kasper was issued a summons for expired insurance card.
P.O. Nicholas Snook
2/22/13 – MVA – Route 23
# - Anthony Bumbolo, Franklin, age 24
#2 – Vesna Ilic, Bloomingdale, age 52
Ilic was traveling south in the left lane on Route 23 approaching the traffic light at Doremus Road.  Ilic had to slow due to traffic and was struck from behind by Bumbolo.  Bumbolo advised that Ilic slowed rapidly and he was not able to stop in time.  No injuries were reported.
P.O. Thomas Valente
2/23/13 – MVA – Canistear Road
#1 – Joseph Mollica, Highland lakes, age 31
#2 – Michael Hojer, Highland Lakes, age 36
Vehicles were traveling west on Canistear Road in the area of Henderson Road.  Mollilca slid on black ice and slid towards the right side of the road due to the crown of the roadway.  Mollica struck the guardrail and came to rest then was immediately struck by Hojer who also slid on the ice and lost control.  No injuries were reported.
P.O. Thomas Valente
2/23/13 – MVA – Ridge Road
#1 – Colleen Jones, West Milford, age 28
Jones was driving north on Ridge Road when she lost control, went into a spin and hit the guardrail.  The vehicle had heavy front-end damage.  The driver had no injuries.  She was issued a careless driving summons.  Vehicle was removed by West Milford Auto Recyclers.
P.O. Gregory Post
2/23/13 – MVA – Westbrook Road
#1 – Curt Gagliano, West Milford
Vehicle was parked in driveway at above location.  During the overnight hours an unknown vehicle collided into the passenger door of the vehicle.  A large gouge mark was present along with a broken side mirror. 
P.O. Jill Brickman
2/25/13 – MVA – Route 23
#1 – Krystal Jones, Livingston, age 25
#2 – Peter Chianchiano, Vernon, age 50
#3 – James Nolan, Stockholm, age 38
Jones was topped in traffic when Chianchiano struck her from behind.  Chianchiano stated he was attempting to stop behind V1 when V3 struck him from behind, causing him to hit V1.  D3 stated that as he came down the hill the sun glare was very bad and he did not notice V2 stopping in front of him and he struck V2.
P.O. Amy Antonucci
2/25/13 – Burglary/Theft – Lakeside Road
P.O. Herzog and P.O. Gary Yarnall responded to Lakeside Road for a possible burglary to a residence.  When they arrived they spoke with the homeowner who stated that he returned home from work and observed the upstairs windows opened.  Upon further check of the home he discovered that dresser drawers had been ransacked as well as a jewelry box sitting on top of the dresser.  Jewelry and cash was missing.  Case is under investigation.
P.O. Gary Yarnall & P.O. Stephen Herzog
2/26/13 – MVA – Route 23
#1 – Brian Scheidle, Sussex, age 46
#2 – Glenn Martin, Sussex, age 42
V1 was stopped in traffic on Route 23 southbound near the intersection of Old Route 23.  V2 rear-ended V1.  V1 had damage to rear bumper.  V2 had heavy front-end damage and airbag deployment.  No injuries were reported.  V2 towed by J&J Towing.
P.O. James Fulton
2/26/13 – Burglary – Route 23
P.O. James Fulton responded to Concourse Automotive on an attempted burglary report.  Upon arrival he met with the business owner who advised that sometime during the night someone had attempted to break into the building.  There were pry marks on the rear garage door.  Video surveillance showed 2 people attempting to pry open the door.  Case under investigation.
P.O. James Fulton
2/26/13 – Burglary/Theft – Marshall Hill Road
Over 500 ft of copper wire was stolen from inside Rockland Electric building on Marshall Hill Road.  Case is under investigation.
P.O. William Pittelko
2/26/13 – Burglary/Theft – Route 23
Unknown male stole 6 heavy-duty black extension cords, used truck battery, box of scrap wires and a metal scrap step and various scrap metal from R&D Trucking and Septic Service.  Case is under investigation.
P.O. Stephen Braikovich
2/27/13 – Theft/Criminal Trespass – Weaver Road
Used catalytic converters were taken from West Milford Auto Recyclers at above location.  No signs of forced entry.  Case is under investigation.
P.O. Bruce Lederman
2/27/13 – MVA – Clinton Road
Sarah Cacchio, Franklin, age 18
Driver was traveling north on Clinton Road, lost control of her vehicle on the gravel, went off the roadway and into a ditch.  Driver was issued summons for careless driving.
P.O. Robert Kulawiak
2/28/13 – Possession of CDS/Possession of Hypodermic Syringe/Under the influence of CDS – Ashbrook Lane
Eric R. Trent, West Milford, age 24
P.O. Anthony Frassa responded to the above location on the report of a possible drug overdose.  When he arrived he observed Trent unconscious.  Officer Frassa observed 3 envelopes of suspected heroin.  Trent was transported to Chilton Hospital by WMFAS #48 and ALS#901.  Trent was charged with Possession of heroin, possession of hypodermic syringe and under the influence of CDS.
P.O. Anthony Frassa
3/2/13 – DWI – Clinton Road
Christopher Pereira, Oak Ridge, Age 39
Driver was stopped at traffic light at Clinton Road and Route 23 jug handle on the southbound side.  Driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the brake.  Vehicle began to roll through the traffic light while it was red, crossed the double yellow line, ran off the far left side of the roadway onto the grassy part of the parking lot and struck a boulder.  Driver reported no injuries.  Vehicle had minor damage.  Driver was arrested for DWI, Unregistered vehicle, Uninsured Vehicle, Reckless Driving, Failure to stop and Failure to maintain a lane. 
P.O. Suzanne Novakowski
Sgt. James DeVore






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